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Pumpkin Activities

I know it’s past Halloween, but it’s not past Thanksgiving yet so you still have time for pumpkin activities! Especially since right now everything pumpkin is on sale, as stores bring in the Christmas stuff. I was inspired to share some pumpkin activity ideas after my daughter’s gymnastics class, when they used little faux pumpkins … Continue reading

Secret Santa

Here is an idea for your riders for the holidays… (Photo stolen from Shelby of our tack room’s gift stash) Secret Santa! Have your riders play Secret Santa with the horses! One week ask them if they would like to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange with the horses. If they do, they draw a name … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Turkey Activities

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve had turkeys and feathers on the mind…so I googled turkey activities and came up with some Thanksgiving turkey activity ideas for therapeutic horseback riding lessons! Leaf & Circle Turkeys Rider collects leaves and brown circles from around the arena. Discuss the color of each leaf and the shape and size of the circles. … Continue reading

Witch Hats Halloween Game

Here is a great game idea for Halloween that I’ve been saving but forgot to post! So here you go for next year… What can you do with witch hats? Collect them and drop them on cones! Put them on horses and helmets Drop rings on them Put them on upright poles Collect matching hats … Continue reading

Spring Activities

(source) The days are getting warmer. The horses are shedding. Spring is coming! However, I have to remind myself that every year I’ve lived in Indiana it has snowed one last time in April. Anyway, most holidays and seasons I forget to plan activities beforehand and then one day realize it’s a holiday and I … Continue reading

Valentines Activities 2.0

(source: Horsenation) Here are some new super cute Valentines Day activities for therapeutic riding lessons from Carrie of HorsePower! Thank you so much for sharing, Carrie! Valentines Cones Setup: 10-15 cones set up in a large circle Valentine boxes under each cone (she bought her at the grocery store Osco) that contain candy and a message inside … Continue reading

Christmas Games from Nan

Here are some great Christmas game ideas from a reader, Nan. Thank you Nan for letting me post these! Decorate the Tree I use an old “mug stand” wrapped in tinsel as my “Funny Tree” and the rider has to choose an ornament to hang on the tree. Ornament and Spoon I do Ornament on … Continue reading

Christmas Matching Game

I absolutely love the dollar store for game ideas. I need to go there more often than just for Christmas. This morning I stopped by and was delighted to find 3 stockings and 3 stuffed animals that matched! So today we had an obstacle course that included stopping at the barrel, getting a stuffed animal … Continue reading

Holiday Game: Over the River

This is my favorite Holiday activity to date. Today I sat down with our volunteers and said, “Okay team what activity shall we do today? I need ideas!” After a minute of blank deer-in-the-headlight stares, someone said, “We should do something to a Christmas song!” So we made an activity to “Over the River and Through the … Continue reading

The 6 Stations Activity – Holiday Version!

This is the activity I did with my students last week, based on the The 6 Stations Activity activity by Susie Bjorkland of Freedom Farm. The 6 Stations Activity – Holiday Version Supplies/Prep/Arena Setup 4 barrels down one quarter line one has 2 large dice another has the sign “4. Deliver candy canes to FOUR stockings!” and a gift back … Continue reading