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Order of Mounting and Dismounting Riders

I recently had the opportunity to get back into writing and it inspired a blog post! One of the things I really appreciated about the instructor training workshop I attended before I got certified was how much the teachers emphasized having a reason for every decision you make. One such decision they focused on was the … Continue reading

TBI Adaptations for Therapeutic Riding

Today I want to share with you my notes on Traumatic Brain Injury from the PATH Intl 2018 Virtual Conference webiner Brain Injury: Overview, Strategies and Resources by Liz Gerdeman, MA of the Brain Center Alliance, Colorado. I started this post a long time ago and thought I finished and published it, but as I was looking through … Continue reading

A Modified Independent Mount

Quite a few years ago I saw a therapeutic riding student do this modified independent mount and thought it was very clever. I recently found the graphic I drew of it and wanted to share! If I remember correctly, this particular rider had a disability that weakened the muscles in her back and legs, so … Continue reading

Working With Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Today we have a type of guest post by Elizabeth Curry, a mom to 12, horse owner, and volunteer at HorsePower TR. She wrote an article for HorsePower TR about working with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and has kindly agreed to share it with us! She originally posted the article on her own blog Ordinary … Continue reading

Cortical Visual Impairment Adaptations

I recently had a reader write me for ideas about a rider with CVI – Cortical Visual Impairment. Although I have not had a rider with CVI before, I did write back with my initial reactions, which I wanted to share here in case anyone finds it useful, and open it up to additional suggestions … Continue reading

L’Apogee Lambskin Bareback Pad

Here is something neat I found! Last weekend at the Rolex I came across a bareback pad I wanted to curl up and go to sleep on. This is the “L’Apogee Lambskin Bareback Saddle.” It is made in Austria, with lamb wool that is the thickest, softest, and deepest I’ve seen on a bareback pad. I … Continue reading

The Horse’s Movement and Therapeutic Riding

I still feel like the horse’s movement and it’s use in therapeutic riding is a mystery to me beyond the basics. Here are the notes I have collected about it so far. If you have anything to add, or any resources to recommend, please let me know!!! HORSE’S MOVEMENT AND THERAPEUTIC RIDING “The motion of … Continue reading

Dear Reader: Ladder Reins

I got a good question from a reader that I thought I’d open up to everyone! Dear Reader “I am looking for a demo video on the proper use of ladder reins. Do you have a resource that might help? Thanks!” My response: I’ve only used ladder reins for one rider, because she prefers the … Continue reading

Adaptive Equipment

I just found this great list of adaptive equipment and how to use it, complete with pictures! Click Here for RDA’s list of Adaptive Saddlery Equipment or go to A huge thank you to RDA (Riding Develops Abilities) for sharing this resource on their Downloadable Content page! **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is … Continue reading