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Horse Conditioning Tips

Here are some tips for conditioning your horses! As I am emerging from my third post partum time and starting to ride my horse again, I realized she needs just as much conditioning as I do, and found these great notes from a seminar I went to several years ago by Jec Ballou at the … Continue reading

Keeping Horses Comfortable In Winter Lessons

What do you guys do to keep your adaptive or therapeutic riding horses comfortable for winter lessons? The other cold day I was grooming my horse in gloves, which I took off to check with my bare hands that her girth area was free from mud. I was surprised to find that, as well as I … Continue reading

Schooling of Therapy Horses

I realize that there is a gap in my blog regarding the care of therapy horses. I would like to do some more blog posts about this and have the perfect opportunity from a reader question! She writes: “I am looking to redo how my center does the schooling of our lesson horses. … I … Continue reading