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A Few Links: March 2019

To everyone in the Northern Hemisphere: Happy Spring & Shedding Season! Public Service Announcement: Don’t wear fleece for the next 2 months. Sorry the blog has been so quiet – 2 young kids and multiple colds and rough nights really cuts out free time. However, there are some links I’ve been wanting to share with … Continue reading

A Few Links: Recommended Blogs

Happy spring/summer/fly season! I am sharing a few links today because 1) I need to tell you I added a picture to the most recent post, Fish Camp, of the actual activity. Go check it out! Also because 2) I need to tell you I’m having another baby in July so I may be taking a … Continue reading

A Few Links & Updates

Merry Christmas!   A Few Blog Updates ~ The Book! Your response has been overwhelming! The first two days I got 40 orders each! Luckily for my time management it’s dwindled to one or two a day now. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement and appreciation on that front. It’s a privilege to be … Continue reading