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PDF checkout fixed

Hey all, It was brought to my attention that the PDF buy it now link was charging for shipping – not cool for a digital download! It was a setup override I didn’t know about, and it’s now fixed and you can order it without shipping. Sorry about that! Happy Holidays, Cindy

Extra Large Helmets

Do any of your riders have a head so large it doesn’t your normal helmets? It’s not an uncommon problem. I’ve read about it in multiple forums, and recently had a reader ask for helmet recommendations for this. I didn’t have a good answer off the top of my head, so I thought it would make a … Continue reading

Unbalanced Collapsed Side

Here is a list of techniques that may help a rider who is unbalanced with a collapsed side. It comes from the Facebook Riding Instructors’ Forum conversation about an elderly rider who has trouble keeping her balance on turns, sits to one side, and is very timid. Tips for an Unbalanced Collapsed Side Rider Investigate A … Continue reading

Veterans Program Tips

Here are some notes about running a Veterans therapeutic horseback riding program, mostly from the first PATH Intl Veterans Workshop at Bravehearts in 2013 that I attended. Again, not comprehensive, just ideas that really struck me. Hope they help! PROGRAM IDEAS They tend to arrive early Create a Canteen area to hang out Create a … Continue reading