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Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Seniors

I went to a nice seminar on Dementia at the local Community College yesterday to get some disabilities continuing education hours. This prompted me to condense all my notes on this topic. Hope it helps! Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Seniors About Dementia Dementia is a disease or condition of the brain that causes global progressive deterioration … Continue reading


Here is a great article from called “ADHD Secrets Your Child’s Teacher Should Know” by Josh and Melinda Boring. To view it on the website, click here: Website Slideshow If you don’t like the click through a bunch of paragraphs slideshow version, click here for the full article (print) version – just close the print … Continue reading

Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP

I have a sweet rider who has CP that I wanted ideas for, so I asked my director to evaluate my lesson with them the other day. I want to share the results with you! Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP Lesson Plan Rider Diagonsis: CP, weak right side to the extend their back curves over to … Continue reading

Riders with Autism Part 4 – Teaching Techniques

Now that you’ve got some resources for your lesson plan, here are some resources for teaching techniques on interacting with riders and dealing with specific behaviors. Again, most of this info is from Susan McDowell’s seminar “TOOLS from the AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS SURVIVAL KIT,” and Claudine Pelletier-Milet’s book Riding on the Autism Spectrum. Riders with Autism Part 4 … Continue reading