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Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP

I have a sweet rider who has CP that I wanted ideas for, so I asked my director to evaluate my lesson with them the other day. I want to share the results with you! Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP Lesson Plan Rider Diagonsis: CP, weak right side to the extend their back curves over to … Continue reading

Riders with Autism Part 4 – Teaching Techniques

Now that you’ve got some resources for your lesson plan, here are some resources for teaching techniques on interacting with riders and dealing with specific behaviors. Again, most of this info is from Susan McDowell’s seminar “TOOLS from the AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS SURVIVAL KIT,” and Claudine Pelletier-Milet’s book Riding on the Autism Spectrum. Riders with Autism Part 4 … Continue reading

Riders with Autism Part 2 – Preparation

Preparation As with any rider, you want to prepare your lesson and interactions to set them up for success. This includes: Knowing the Precautions & Contraindications Researching the Rider Planning the Lesson Environment Having the Right Perspective Precautions & Contraindications First thing it to know the precautions and contraindications for Autism from the PATH Intl … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Breaking through autism

This is an interesting story about one boy with Autism. I like how it teaches you can use one’s fixation to teach them about the world, instead of trying to break their fixation. It’s about meeting them where they are at – and not just people with Autism, but everyone in life. I discovered this … Continue reading