Arena Etiquette & Protocol

When you teach a group lesson or have two instructors teaching private lessons in the same arena, you need some sort of arena etiquette to keep things safe. Usually this is unspoken common knowledge, or the barn may have a list of rules posted. In therapeutic riding this is especially important as there are many … Continue reading

Tactile Activity Book

Here is a great idea for a tactile activity book to use during therapeutic riding lessons. My friend Carrie of HorsePower sent me the link from one of her friends, who thought it would work great as a camp activity: every day the kid make one page, then at the end of the week put them all together … Continue reading

Volunteer Selection For Horse and Rider

There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing your volunteers with your riders. I just added this information to the handouts I go over with our Instructors in Training about volunteer management, which includes the Volunteer Management and Addressing Volunteers posts. VOLUNTEER SELECTION FOR THE RIDER Considerations: For choosing Leaders: Has enough horse experience to … Continue reading

Selecting the Horse for a Rider with Disabilities

This is a worksheet exercise for Instructor In Training to practice selecting a horse for a rider. We just started up our Instructor Training Program for the year and I’m trying to make our classroom sessions more interactive instead of just lecture, and this is a result of it. To give you some back ground, Week … Continue reading

Monthly Themes

As you are thinking about the new year, consider creating monthly or quarterly themes! Quarterly Themes One barn I worked at did quarterly themes one year. Each quarter (or session, or semester, or however you do it) the director picked the theme and assigned an instructor to put together a small presentation with lesson ideas. … Continue reading

2015 State of the Blog Report

Happy New Year! As tradition, it’s time for the annual State of the Blog Report. I just like seeing where readers are from and what they like to read! This year I tried to make it a not so fancy infograph. Enjoy! Thank you everyone for reading and following the blog! It’s fun to share this … Continue reading

A few links – Knees, Hips, Fear, Skills List

Here are a few links to enjoy over the holidays! ~ The Chronicle of the Horse Forums – Equestrians with Disabilities – an interesting resource for ideas about some of the disabilities you may be teaching ~ A nice little article about the Rider’s Knees – The Forgotten Joint and what they should be doing while riding. ~ How about … Continue reading

Christmas Games from Nan

Here are some great Christmas game ideas from a reader, Nan. Thank you Nan for letting me post these! Decorate the Tree I use an old “mug stand” wrapped in tinsel as my “Funny Tree” and the rider has to choose an ornament to hang on the tree. Ornament and Spoon I do Ornament on … Continue reading

Christmas Matching Game

I absolutely love the dollar store for game ideas. I need to go there more often than just for Christmas. This morning I stopped by and was delighted to find 3 stockings and 3 stuffed animals that matched! So today we had an obstacle course that included stopping at the barrel, getting a stuffed animal … Continue reading

How to Repair a Horse Blanket

We all know therapeutic horseback riding barns aren’t rolling in dough enough to buy new horse blankets every time the horses get into a squabble. Here are some tips for repairing horse blankets that have worked for me. This stems from today, when I repaired yet another hole in my own horse’s blanket in preparation … Continue reading