When to Use Games (and When Not To)

The Riding Instructor just came out with this excellent post about “When to Teach Games & When Not To”!  She states it so simply and clearly, I wish I had made a post like it long ago, since half of this blog is about games. I have blogged notes about the difference between Practice, Progression, … Continue reading

Extra Large Helmets

Do any of your riders have a head so large it doesn’t your normal helmets? It’s not an uncommon problem. I’ve read about it in multiple forums, and recently had a reader ask for helmet recommendations for this. I didn’t have a good answer off the top of my head, so I thought it would make a … Continue reading

About Asking Questions

I have been reading the book “Play to Talk: A Practical Guide to Help Your Late-Talking Child Join the Conversation” by James MacDonald Ph.D. & Pam Stoika Ph.D. I’m impressed! I bought it 3 years ago to help me with riders with speech disabilities and wish I’d read it sooner! I will be blogging more ideas … Continue reading

Program Sustainability Concepts

We’re back with day 2 of the 2017 PATH Intl Virtual Conference! The first session was “Program Sustainability at Year 70: Practical Advice and Choices from Green Chimneys” by Michael Kaufmann of Green Chimneys, and it was really good. In case you thought, like me, what can this chimney guy teach us about the therapeutic riding business, know … Continue reading

Teaching Tips: Social Skills

The next two presentations at the 2017 PATH Intl Virtual Conference had to do with social skills. Here are some take home points. From “A Task Analysis Approach to Social Skills Teaching” by Melissa Abbey Elements of Social Skills Acquisition From various sources, all of these can be seen in therapeutic riding and interacting with horses! Self awareness … Continue reading

Advance Your Skills

The first session of the PATH Intl Virtual Conference was “Advancing Our Skills” by Joelle Devlin. I thought it was really great! I had no huge technical difficulties, though many had trouble with the audio. I like that the conference is starting off with the focus on self-improvement. During this brief break between sessions I’m going to … Continue reading

PATH Intl Virtual Conference!

Hi all, it’s been a while! I’ve been out of the teaching loop due lately, but today I’m sooo excited to attend the PATH Intl Virtual Conference for the next two days!  I haven’t been able to get out to teach and ride as much as I’d thought I would since having the baby, so the … Continue reading