Outside Rein & Diamond Pattern

An instructor at our barn set up the diamond pattern yesterday and this is what I did with it! Lesson Plan for Outside Rein Aid using the Diamond Pattern Arena Setup: 4 cones or poles set in diamond shape Lesson Plan Safety Check Mount Safety Check Warm ups Lower body: ride no stirrups 1 lap … Continue reading

Colored Wristband for Right & Left

This is a simple idea that helped some riders at our barn. For riders who have problems with right and left, use colored wrist bands to designate which direction to turn. When you tell them which way to steer, you can use the colors in conjunction with or instead of the words right and left. You could … Continue reading

Teaching The Skill

Just made some new handouts for our instructors in training about skills and wanted to pass along the info! Enjoy! The Skill What is the skill? Riding skill = the purposeful intention of using aids (hand, seat, voice, leg, weight) to communicate with the horse directly. We say “intention” because not all riders may actually … Continue reading

Halt Between the Poles Activity

Update: The comments are now working again! I finally figured it out. Please comment away! And if there were posts in the past few weeks you wanted to add to but couldn’t, please go back, as you should be able to now : ) I’m sorry for the inconvenience! This is a simple activity to progressively … Continue reading

Teaching Tips: Correcting a Rocking Upper Body

(aka “How to have a calm upper body”) Causes of a rocking upper body: Exaggeratedly following horse’s movement An insecure seat Incorrectly think it will achieve a strong driving aid and balanced seat – they try to move the horse like they moved a rocking horse in their childhood Pinched knees, not enough weight in … Continue reading

Lesson Planning: The Practice & Activity

Sometimes we get so excited about what activity we’re going to do with our students we jump in to the game or pattern without giving much time to actually practicing the skill first. In this post I want to review the different between practicing the skill and using the skill in an activity, because some riders really need … Continue reading

EAP Articles by Jane Karol

Happy Monday! I have some good articles to share with you today. Recently I came across this great post – How Horses Can Help Change Our Self-Perceptions Then I discovered its author has written a whole series of great articles about EAP and EAAT – EAP Articles by Jane Karol Check them out, they’re really … Continue reading

Lessons in TR Pinterest Board

So many ideas come from just a picture, and those pictures aren’t mine to share on this blog. So I’ve created a Lessons in TR Pinterest Board! I’ll pin ideas and inspirations for Therapeutic Riding Instructors that are just a picture with a short description, too tiny for a whole post. Here is the link: … Continue reading