Here is a great article from called “ADHD Secrets Your Child’s Teacher Should Know” by Josh and Melinda Boring. To view it on the website, click here: Website Slideshow If you don’t like the click through a bunch of paragraphs slideshow version, click here for the full article (print) version – just close the print … Continue reading

Two Point Lesson Plan

These notes are from the Advanced Workshop I attended at Heartland Therapeutic Riding last summer. This another one is from Sandy Webster of Gaits of Change, our workshop instructor. I think this was one we discussed in the classroom because I don’t have all the parts of the lesson. Two Point: Lesson Plan for a Group with … Continue reading

Games 3.0

Here is a compilation list of games I’ve come across in the past year that sounded neat but had nowhere else to go. They are not whole lesson plans, just brief descriptions so you get the gist of it and go off inspired! Enjoy! Darts Ball Toss Ball toss onto Velcro dart board (such as this one). One … Continue reading

Flower Pot Game

This cute game was sent to me from a reader, Carisa. Thank you so much for sharing! Flower Pot Game Skill: halting and walking color recognition Setup: cut apart artificial flowers and placed them around the arena – taking care to have different colors flower pot – florist foam which gave sensory input and a cheap … Continue reading

Games 2.0

Here are some of the usual activities I’ve seen done recently with an extra twist! Matching Rings Setup: several pairs of matching rings, one of each color is hung on a T pole, the others are put on other T poles or cone or around the arena Activity: choose a colored ring from the T … Continue reading

Free Time During Riding Lessons

What do you think about free time during therapeutic riding lessons? I have seen the whole spectrum of opinions used appropriately. No Free Time I have heard it said that there should be no free time in lessons because everything in the lesson must have a purpose and be working toward therapeutic benefits. Wandering around aimlessly … Continue reading

Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP

I have a sweet rider who has CP that I wanted ideas for, so I asked my director to evaluate my lesson with them the other day. I want to share the results with you! Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP Lesson Plan Rider Diagonsis: CP, weak right side to the extend their back curves over to … Continue reading

Horse and Tack Parts

“Horse Parts” (or Tack Parts) is when you take some time during the lesson to review parts. Why teach horse and tack parts: practical benefits helps them understand your instructions (“hand over the withers,” “hold the pommel,” etc.) helps them communicate with you more effectively (“my foot!” vs. “my foot fell out of the stirrup”) … Continue reading

Advanced Warm Ups

I have been teaching more advanced riders lately, so I have been thinking about more advanced warm ups. Initially, warm ups for riders with disabilities focus on preparing them to learn a riding skill, prepare their body to work, help them transition, and establish balance. Typically exercises are done for both upper and lower body, … Continue reading