Vision Therapy and Riding

After the last post about CVI, I received a submission of an article of another sort related to visual processing and therapeutic riding. This is a piece that Brittany Halstead of ReplayPolo wrote for PATH Intl.’s quarterly magazine¬†STRIDES to be published in the spring, so you get a sneak peek! ūüôā She hopes it will … Continue reading

Cortical Visual Impairment Adaptations

I recently had a reader write me for ideas about a rider with CVI – Cortical Visual Impairment. Although I have not had a rider with CVI before, I did write back with my initial reactions, which I wanted to share here in case anyone finds it useful, and open it up to additional suggestions … Continue reading

2017 State of the Blog Report

This is a super belated annual New Year’s post reporting how the blog did in 2017 and a few updates! I think these are fun because it shows me the community of people out there and hopefully helps you feel a part of the bigger world network of therapeutic riding instruction. 2017 State of the … Continue reading

New Page for Certification & Lesson Planning

Happy New Year! …a bit belatedly. Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this is it: I’m sure you can relate. I’ve also been working on a new index-type page just for certification and lesson planning. A “page” is basically a post whose title and link is … Continue reading

Schooling of Therapy Horses

I realize that there is a gap in my blog regarding the care of therapy horses. I would like to do some more blog posts about this and have the perfect opportunity from a reader question! She writes: “I am looking to redo how my center does the schooling of our lesson horses. … I … Continue reading

PDF checkout fixed

Hey all, It was brought to my attention that the PDF buy it now¬†link was charging for shipping – not cool for a digital download! It was a setup override I didn’t know about, and it’s now fixed and you can order it without shipping.¬†Sorry about that! Happy Holidays, Cindy

A Few Links & Updates

Merry Christmas!   A Few Blog Updates ~¬†The Book!¬†Your response has been overwhelming! The first two days I got 40 orders each! Luckily for my time management it’s dwindled to one or two a day now. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement and appreciation on that front. It’s a privilege to be … Continue reading

6 Step Pattern

The last week of sessions has come and gone for us already and I forgot to make a holiday-themed activity! I think I made up for it though with a long pattern, enjoyable lessons, and that for client appreciation each rider got to give their horse a treat from a bucket after their lesson. (Some … Continue reading

Consistent vs. Changing Lesson Plans

When I first started teaching, I spent a lot of time making new lesson plans every week for my riders. Now that it’s been a few years, I still take time to lesson plan every week but it goes faster because the lesson plans stay very similar. This got me thinking about the importance of … Continue reading

Sharing Laughs and Singing Songs

Here are two easy teaching tips that can really help! Ok, not so much teaching tips as connecting-with-your-riders tips. Here you go! Share Laughter This was one of the most influential ideas I took from Claudine Pelletier-Milet’s book,¬†Riding on the Autism Spectrum.¬† Laughing with someone creates a connection and a bond that is very important … Continue reading