Decision Making Skills

One of my riders with autism has difficulties making decisions. It is interesting: when asked to make a decision outright, such as “Would you like to lead your horse by the reins or the lead rope?” she has an extremely hard time and takes at least 5 minutes with assistance. It seems she has absolutely … Continue reading

Patterns 2.0 – for both horse and rider

This past weekend I went to the Midwest Horse Fair where I discovered Jec Ballou, one of the clinicians who focuses on horse fitness and classical training. Her perspective and exercises were so refreshing and very applicable to therapeutic riding, I believe. She wrote Equine Fitness and 101 Western Dressage Exercises, both of which I have and highly … Continue reading

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Here is a cute birthday scavenger hunt my friend set up at our barn for a young rider who boards there. I wanted to share because it might spark some ideas for birthday activities with your riders! First, she arrived to the barn to this on her stall, and instead of her own horse in … Continue reading

Instructing While Pregnant

This has been on my mind lately because it’s happening to me. Surprise! There is a lot out there in internet land about riding while pregnant, but not much about teaching riding. Perhaps that’s because most instructors are not quite as involved in physically helping their riders as the therapeutic horseback riding instructor – such … Continue reading

How to Pick Up the Reins

This week I’m auditing a clinic with my friend who is in the Ecole de Légèreté Teacher’s Course and yesterday an interesting topic came up – how to pick up your reins. It’s something I was never specifically taught how to do, other than “softly, without bothering your horse,” and that every professional at the clinic … Continue reading

Passive Learning vs. Active Learning

Passive vs. Active learning is not a new concept, but I hadn’t heard it discussed in the context of riding instruction before. The book “Teaching Tips for Horseback Riding Lessons” by Jo Struby brought this up and I wanted to share. Basically, passive learning is through receiving, while active learning is through doing. Passive Learning Receiving The … Continue reading

Fun Video Sunday: Leaning, Strong and Weak Sides

Here is a great video by Randi Thompson about fixing leaning and weight habits! In therapeutic riding we talk about how some riders have a strong and weak side. I think that this actually happens to everyone in the world to some extent. We all have strong and weak sides. This video highlights a recreational rider’s strong side … Continue reading

Spring Activities

(source) The days are getting warmer. The horses are shedding. Spring is coming! However, I have to remind myself that every year I’ve lived in Indiana it has snowed one last time in April. Anyway, most holidays and seasons I forget to plan activities beforehand and then one day realize it’s a holiday and I … Continue reading