Clips for Good Behavior

Here is a simple way to encourage good behavior while riding. My friend Carrie Capes of Horsepower TR explains she created these smiley clips that her riders earn by doing good work. When they earn 5, they get to choose their activity – “free choice!” She says it’s very effective with kids with lots of behaviors … Continue reading

Equine Spa Currying Sessions

One of the best sessions I attended at the 2015 PATH Intl Conference was “Grooming for the Healthy Horse” by BJ Hartmann of Miracle Farm Rescue about incorporate equine acupressure and massage into grooming. She explained everything in a way that you or I or our volunteers could do at home. The best part is, it’s basically … Continue reading

Lengthening and Shortening Lesson Plan and Evaluation

Yesterday I attended a seminar at the 2015 PATH Intl Conference by Marny Mansfield and Emily Wygod of Endeavor Horsemanship called “Step Up the Approach” about stepping up your approach to instructing. They had this great handout of an example lesson plan, with a video of the instructor teaching the lesson, and then we discussed it. With … Continue reading

Games 4.0

This week I am fortunate enough to be at the 2015 PATH Intl. Conference! After attending the Mentor Workshop I snuck into the Community Connections Day Instructor seminar let by Jen Donahue of Equest, Dallas TX, because last year it was one of the best I attended. This year did not fail! Like a huge … Continue reading

Halloween Horse Costume Matching Cards Game

Last minute I threw together this fun festive matching cards set. The riders – and volunteers – really liked them! On one side are pumpkins of all different colors that I cut out of paper: On the other side are matching pairs of horse costume pictures I found online!: I’m not posting a document for … Continue reading

Riding Helmets vs. Bike Helmets

Have you ever had a new rider ask if they can wear a bike helmet? I have, and I really like this simple explanation from Julie Goodnight about why equestrians needs to wear riding helmets, not bike helmets. To watch her video explanation, click here for the video on Facebook. Or read on! She explains that, … Continue reading

Teaching Tips II

Here are some random tips and quips I’ve collected that don’t fit into a whole blog post but want to share! I attended some of a clinic by Lou Denizard at our barn today and he had some neat ways of explaining things I liked that could be applied to therapeutic riding: He encouraged a rider with heels up tight knees to “Drop … Continue reading