Ground Pole Exercises

Here are four good ground pole exercises to help create a solid foundation in your riders. They are from the Certified Horsemanship Association’s Monthly EBlast from a year or so ago – click on the link to subscribe! The author was Jennifer Wiley a CHA Certified Master Instructor and Clinic Staff. I rewrote/simplified/clarified the exercises … Continue reading

Notes – Diet, Bone Adaptation, Infectious Disease Control

This past Saturday I attended the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Horseman’s Forum, a great day of seminars and continued education for those in the equine industry in Indiana. I really like this event because the presentations always include recent medical advancements and research, basic information as well as over-my-head info, and awesome real life pictures of gruesome … Continue reading

Horse Football

A reader named Twuana of Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Inc. has sent in a brilliant game her program plays every Superbowl week. I love incorporating current festivities into the arena, and hope you enjoy it too! Horse Football Setup: Make a football field in your arena. “We borrow a sports chalk striper from the local parks … Continue reading

Quiet Hands

I had a rider a while back who had trouble keeping her hands still (really, who doesn’t when you start out), so here is a bunch of info I looked up about it! It’s not really a riding skill or aid, but it’s definitely a foundational concept, so I did it in What, Why, How … Continue reading

Using the horse as a personality

In my training so far, I have seen in therapeutic riding that the main uses of the horse include: movement (their gaits directly transmit movement and require balance reactions) reflection of actions (as herd animals, horses act a mirror to the rider’s own tensions and actions, which can be used to change behavior) acceptance (horses … Continue reading

2016 State of the Blog Report

At the end of every year I love to see the annual stats on the blog and post them! While nothing can compare to the actual comments readers send me, seeing where readers are from, which posts are the most popular, and so on, helps me feel that much closer to everyone, and contributes to a feeling … Continue reading

Year End Evaluation and New Year Goals

Happy New Year! At the end of every year my barn does year end self & supervisor evaluations and goal reviewing and setting. I really like the format, because the self-evaluation helps me see where I need work and helps me decide what new goals to set. Since it’s the New Year, I’m going to … Continue reading

Overwhelmed with Instructor Training

Happy New Year! I haven’t posted lately because we’ve been so busy with traveling, but also because there’s so many things I want to post I don’t know where to start! However, the other day a reader emailed me asking for advice about feeling overwhelmed by the instructor training process of leaning to teach a … Continue reading

Secret Santa

Here is an idea for your riders for the holidays… (Photo stolen from Shelby of our tack room’s gift stash) Secret Santa! Have your riders play Secret Santa with the horses! One week ask them if they would like to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange with the horses. If they do, they draw a name … Continue reading