Reward the Try

Baby’s first horse fair! This weekend we went to the Hoosier Horse Fair in Indianapolis. It was so much fun, but bringing a baby definitely changes your experience of the fair – aka how much time you spend watching clinicians VS. how much time you spend in the kiddy korral (after much hollering at Peggy … Continue reading

Arena Letter Memorization

Many barns have up arena letters based on the dressage arena to help direct students where to go. Here is some info and fun acronyms for remembering the order of these letters! First off, why are there letters to begin with? To instruct riders where to perform different movements, used primarily in dressage testing. Where … Continue reading

How to Make Your Blog Pay for Itself

Heads up – today’s post is NOT about Therapeutic Riding! This post is about how to make your blog pay for itself, like I did, in hopes that it will help someone out, like all the internet articles helped me. So unless you’re looking for this specific info, you can skip it 🙂 About 2 years … Continue reading

Sensory Trail

A sensory trail is a trail ride that incorporates natural and man-made elements and activities that incorporate all the senses – such as hills, bridges, flowers, music or touch stations, and so on. These are so fun to have at a therapeutic riding program! I wrote a post a few years ago on sensory trail but … Continue reading

Horse Camp Ideas

It may be too early to start planning summer camp, but maybe you have spring break camp, or want to use these for a rainy day! Horse Camp Ideas LessonsInTR Posts Pool Noodle Stick Horses post Four Corners get to know you version Rainy Day and Horse Camp Craft Ideas post Unmounted Horsemanship Activities post Groundwork Activities … Continue reading

The Equicube

I recently stumbled across this teaching tool on the interwebs: The Equicube. It’s a tool that strengthens the rider’s core and helps them find correct posture and ride from their center.  This is it, as shown on their website: It seems to me the biggest benefits for riding instruction, both for TR and able bodied … Continue reading

Horse Bridle Parts Puzzle

Here is a puzzle activity for the parts of the bridle that I used a while back! Set Up Feel free to download the drawings for your own use during lessons or as a camp activity – click on the images below for a larger version, then right click the image, and click “save as”. … Continue reading

4 Part Pattern

This is a riding pattern I used a while ago when I had several riders of all different skill levels and goals. It was very adaptable to using with multiple riders, so I’d like to share it with you! Set Up 2 pairs of poles across one diagonal another cone in the lower right corner, … Continue reading

Ground Pole Exercises

Here are four good ground pole exercises to help create a solid foundation in your riders. They are from the Certified Horsemanship Association’s Monthly EBlast from a year or so ago – click on the link to subscribe! The author was Jennifer Wiley a CHA Certified Master Instructor and Clinic Staff. I rewrote/simplified/clarified the exercises … Continue reading