Recently the topic of terminology in the field of Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) has been coming up. There are already some really good articles out there already that address this issue, such as the “Top 10 Hippotherapy Myths and Misconceptions” by Speech In Motion, “The T Word” by Hoof Falls & Footfalls, and most recently … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: How Not to Teach a Lesson

Fun Video Friday! I haven’t done one of these in a while… This is a fun clip I call “How Not to Teach a Lesson”. Instructors In Training, what does the instructor need to work on? Do well? Everyone else, have a laugh. Enjoy! If you can’t see the above video, click here! **************** Note: … Continue reading

A Few Links: Recommended Blogs

Happy spring/summer/fly season! I am sharing a few links today because 1) I need to tell you I added a picture to the most recent post, Fish Camp, of the actual activity. Go check it out! Also because 2) I need to tell you I’m having another baby in July so I may be taking a … Continue reading

Fish Camp Activity

Reader Lisa Faye Toman-Bukholder recently sent me this fun activity that they are doing for the last week of sessions. I love making the last week something special! She writes that “I am using a theme for our last week of school here in Highlands County, FL, which we are calling, “Heartland Fish Camp.” Here … Continue reading

Dementia Adaptations for Therapeutic Riding

I’m attending the PATH Intl 2018 Virtual Conference this year and so far it’s quite good. They’re doing a nice job having topics that are applicable to a lot of the different roles in running a program. I really appreciate that they went out of their way to get presenters that are professionals/experts in their own field … Continue reading

Tattletale Reins

Today I tried riding with split reins and realized how tattletale reins can really be! (Please excuse the poor picture of attempted recreation post-ride – there’s no way to take a photo of both your hands unless you have help!) First off, let me encourage you to try some new riding way – if you’re … Continue reading

Keep a Notebook and the Self Evaluation

I was cleaning up my office yesterday and came across all my notebooks from when I was in instructor training. Full of notes! In the spirit of spring cleaning I tore out all the ones I thought would make good [easy fast] blog posts and tossed the rest. But it got me thinking how helpful … Continue reading

Podcasts: Learning while you drive (and ride!)

Is Spring here yet? I recently came across this nice podcast, Daily Strides, which comes out weekly with a new topic about horseback riding and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. I was hooked by episode 1025, “Working Toward a Consistently Better Quality Trot”. Daily Strides is a great resource for lesson … Continue reading