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Autumn Leaf Activity

In light of all the trees changing colors, this is a simple game we played the other week. Prep: 4 pairs of autumn colored paper – cut matching leaf shapes for each pair on each pair write an activity – one word can be divided by a dash laminate and cut out again Activity 1 (for … Continue reading

St Paddy’s Day Activities

Here are some more great holiday game from Carrie at Horsepower! Thank you so much for sharing Carrie! I love  how she incorporates life lessons into her games : ) Shamrock Game Supplies Shamrocks – cut out shamrocks, write plus or minus points between 1 and 10 on the back of each one, and laminate … Continue reading

Christmas Games

Much thanks to  Carrie of HorsePower Therapeutic Riding for sending in these two great Christmas games with pictures! Letters to Santa 1. Get letter from barrel 2. Inspect it. Who’s it from? The horse! A volunteer! etc. Who’s it to? Santa! 3. Deliver to mailbox! Use those fine motor skills!   Advent Game 1. Whoa at the advent … Continue reading

Candy Cane Game

Let’s get some winter cheer into this first week of December! The Candy Cane Game Arena Setup 4 snowmen posted at the 4 corners of the arena 3 snowflakes posted around the arena 4 Christmas trees on upright poles spaced for weaving, on the quarterline 3 ground poles spaces for walking or trotting over, on … Continue reading

Pumpkin Game

My friend Carrie sent me this great pumpkin game! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks Carrie! Supplies mini pumpkin gourds – write on the bottom the skills your riders are working on The Pumpkin Game Put them on the fence posts. Have students ride to each one, Work on remembering which pumpkins haven’t been … Continue reading

“5 Themed Lesson Plans that Work” article

PATH Intl. has posted the handouts from the 2012 Conference at the 2012 PATH Conference Handouts website! One of them is the handout “5 Themed Lesson Plans that Work”. It present 5 Themed Units with 5 Lessons each, resulting in 25 Lesson Plans! The 5 themes are: Drill Team Western Dressage Challenge Course Cavaletti Gymkhana It also includes these … Continue reading

Christmas Games on Horseback

(source) (That was me, every year). Here is a list of Christmas games you can use in your lessons. Most of them are activities I looked up online and adapted to horses. They are in no particular order. This is just a start, please add to the list in the comments! Christmas Games on Horseback … Continue reading

Halloween Games

Better late than never, right? Here are some Halloween Games! The numbers in parenthesis coincide with the source the activity quotes or is inspired by. Note: before using any game in your lesson, make sure the horses are desensitized to all items used!  (source) GAMES Trick or treat – set up volunteers around the arena … Continue reading

Autumn Games

The leaves are changing colors, the weather is crisp, the apples are ripe…it’s Fall! Spice up your lessons by putting an Autumn twist on your activities. The following is a list I’ve compiled of Autumn games you can use to practice riding skills. Some can take up a whole lesson, others can be used as … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Games

Here are some ideas I got from classroom Valentine’s Day games. Each can be modified in many ways. HEART PUZZLES GAME Cut out of paper hearts of different colors and sizes. Cut each heart into 4 pieces and scatter them around the arena. You could hide them on obstacles so kids have to reach, put … Continue reading