Christmas Matching Game

I absolutely love the dollar store for game ideas. I need to go there more often than just for Christmas. This morning I stopped by and was delighted to find 3 stockings and 3 stuffed animals that matched!



So today we had an obstacle course that included stopping at the barrel, getting a stuffed animal from the bucket, and taking it to the matching stocking (hanging from a T pole). So simple but they enjoyed it! The round Santa and Reindeer double for a ball toss.

The moral of the story is go to the dollar store, you never know what you’ll find! And all for a few bucks.

Happy Holidays!


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Matching Game

  1. I tried this game out with my students last night and they loved it! I got 4 stockings with matching stuffed critters (santa, elf, reindeer, and penguin). It kept the riders and my volunteers entertained for all 4 lessons. Thanks!

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