The 6 Stations Activity – Holiday Version!

This is the activity I did with my students last week, based on the The 6 Stations Activity activity by Susie Bjorkland of Freedom Farm.

The 6 Stations Activity – Holiday Version

Supplies/Prep/Arena Setup

  • 4 barrels down one quarter line
    • one has 2 large dice
    • another has the sign “4. Deliver candy canes to FOUR stockings!” and a gift back with candy canes on that barrel.
    • another has the sign “5. Name 5 horse parts. Mark them with bows!” and a bucket with gift bows on that barrel.
    • another has the sign “6. Find 6 snowflakes. Bring them back to this barrel!” with snowflakes scattered nearby or around the arena.
  • 4 T-poles down the other quarter line
    • one has the sign “2. Horses need 2 things every day. Name them!”
    • another has the sign “3. Find 3 hats. Decide who wears them!”
    • three T poles have hats on them
  • 4 Stockings at one end of the arena
  • 1 mailbox at the other end of the arena
    • it has the sign: “1. There is only 1 you. Find your name!”
    • fill mailbox with holiday cards signed by their instructors and/or volunteers, with notes and horse pictures glued in them, in envelopes with their names on them. We did a big push the week before for everyone to sign the cards of the riders they work with.


  1. Meet at the dice.
  2. Rider rolls the dice three times – remember the numbers and order. If there are multiple riders, determine how you will handle this – take turns using the dice, have multiple dice and everyone roll at the same time, etc.
  3. Rider visits the stations according to the numbers and order of the dice rolled. For example, one rider rolls a 4, then a 2, then a 6. So they visit station 4, then 2, then 6. If there are multiple riders remind them about arena awareness and what you would like them to do if someone else is at their station.
  4. If a rider finishes before the others or there is extra time…
    1. roll again
    2. you assign the rider additional stations to visit
    3. ask the rider if they remember which station numbers they did not visit, and have them do those


Roll the dice!

Xmasgame (6)

Station 1: get your card!

Station 2: name 2 things horses need!

Xmasgame (7) Xmasgame (9)

Station 3: Find 3 hats, decide who wears them! (and wear them the rest of the lesson)

Xmasgame (8) Xmasgame (12) Xmasgame (3)

Station 4: Deliver 4 candy canes to the 4 stockings at the end of the arena!

Xmasgame (4) Xmasgame (24)

Station 5: mark horse parts with bows! (and wear them the rest of the lesson)

Xmasgame (5) Xmasgame (26)

Station 6: no picture, but it’s collect the snowflakes – can you find them in the pictures above?

Our riders really likes this activity, especially the bows and hats!


Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what you do with or how you use this information. The activities explained in this blog may not be fit for every rider, riding instructor, or riding center depending on their current condition and resources. Use your best personal judgement!

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