Fun Foto Friday

Switchin’ it up…it’s Fun Foto Friday! How good are you at identifying what’s been going on in your arena? Can you guess what’s been going on in ours?


Name Those Tracks

Tracks #1

tracks (3)b

Answer: Horse backing up. Someone owns a reiner.

Tracks #2

tracks (4)b

Answer: Cat. Note prints appear normal while sauntering into the arena, then spread apart while being chased out.

Tracks #3

tracks (6)

Answer: Horse spinning. The reiner had fun last night.

Tracks #4:

tracks (1)

Answer: Barrel. Someone was too lazy to carry it. (me)

Tracks #5:

tracks (11)b

Answer: Applepicker. Got it all in one scoop. 

Tracks #6:

tracks (9)b

Answer: Cat. Horses aren’t the only animals that poop in the arena.

Disclaimer: Keep your arena tracking to outside of lesson time. During lessons, don’t take you’re eyes off the students, unless it’s a necessity to keep from tripping (or in my case, running into T poles).

On another note, I saw this the other day:


Hooray! Thank you all for reading and being a part of this journey as therapeutic riding instructors!


Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what you do with or how you use this information. The activities explained in this blog may not be fit for every rider, riding instructor, or riding center depending on their current condition and resources. Use your best personal judgement!

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