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Gingerbread Man Lesson Plan

I’m excited to share with you today a fun lesson plan sent to me by Christine from Pony Preschool (check out their website and Facebook page)! She used it to teach preschool aged children on ponies, but it’s totally adaptable to therapeutic riding students and whatever skills they are working on. Make sure to check … Continue reading

LessonsInTR Holiday Wishlist

LessonsInTR Holiday Wishlist I’ve come across sooooo many good resources for adaptive and therapeutic riding instructors lately, that I wish I could make a separate post for each one! Unfortunately I can’t, but I can put them all together in one big holiday wishlist post. I’ll include some of the others I reviewed already, too, so they’re … Continue reading

Christmas Garland Activity

Christmas Garland Activity For once I’m posting way ahead of time about holiday activities for adaptive and therapeutic horseback riding, so you have time to plan and prepare! This is a new activity idea, inspired by the above dehydrated garland my friend made for me and these cinnamon ornaments my other friend made. I have not actually … Continue reading

Christmas Games from Nan

Here are some great Christmas game ideas from a reader, Nan. Thank you Nan for letting me post these! Decorate the Tree I use an old “mug stand” wrapped in tinsel as my “Funny Tree” and the rider has to choose an ornament to hang on the tree. Ornament and Spoon I do Ornament on … Continue reading

Holiday Game: Over the River

This is my favorite Holiday activity to date. Today I sat down with our volunteers and said, “Okay team what activity shall we do today? I need ideas!” After a minute of blank deer-in-the-headlight stares, someone said, “We should do something to a Christmas song!” So we made an activity to “Over the River and Through the … Continue reading

The 6 Stations Activity – Holiday Version!

This is the activity I did with my students last week, based on the The 6 Stations Activity activity by Susie Bjorkland of Freedom Farm. The 6 Stations Activity – Holiday Version Supplies/Prep/Arena Setup 4 barrels down one quarter line one has 2 large dice another has the sign “4. Deliver candy canes to FOUR stockings!” and a gift back … Continue reading

Christmas Games

Much thanks to  Carrie of HorsePower Therapeutic Riding for sending in these two great Christmas games with pictures! Letters to Santa 1. Get letter from barrel 2. Inspect it. Who’s it from? The horse! A volunteer! etc. Who’s it to? Santa! 3. Deliver to mailbox! Use those fine motor skills!   Advent Game 1. Whoa at the advent … Continue reading

Christmas Games on Horseback

(source) (That was me, every year). Here is a list of Christmas games you can use in your lessons. Most of them are activities I looked up online and adapted to horses. They are in no particular order. This is just a start, please add to the list in the comments! Christmas Games on Horseback … Continue reading