Lesson Plan: Posting Trot

This is an example lesson plan they taught us at my certification workshop. They really emphasized everything having a reason, which hopefully shows in these notes, like why you mount which kid first.


Objective: The rider will perform the posting trot down the long side of the arena 2x in each direction, with a leader and no sidewalker.

Horse/Tack/Leader/Volunteers/Sidewalkers for each Rider

Materials/Supplies/Equipment needed for Lesson



Tack Check


  • 1st – Billy – croup mount – has CP with increased tone so he needs more time to warm up, so he will mount first – tell him to ride with his arms reaching forward on the horse’s neck (to prep for 2 point) while the second rider mounts
  • 2nd – Tom – croup mount – has ADD and his mom wants to work on patience, so he will mount second
  • (note everything has a reason: order of mounting, warm up task)

Safety/Tack Check

Warm Up

  • 2 point
  • hamstring stretch or ankle rolls
  • (note both are related to the riding still of the posting trot)


  • What
    • “What we’re going to do today is the posting trot. The posting trot is standing and sitting to the rhythm or beat of the horse’s trot.”
  • Why
    • because it’s smoother, easier on the horse, strengthens your legs (perhaps the kid’s goal is to go up the stairs to the bathroom), you need to know how to participate in a horse show, it’s a skill toward independent riding
  • How
    • 1 heels down
    • 2 stand up into 2 point
    • 3 sit down softly
    • in the count of 1, 2, 1, 2 or up, down, up, down
    • you demonstrate on the ground as they count with you
    • perhaps have a demo rider demonstrate
    • depending on kids’ cognition, explain the hoof falls of the trot, perhaps use colored polo wraps on the horse’s legs
    • first while standing, then at the walk, then at the trot
  • Where
    • H to K, and F to M, rest in between

Safety/Tack Check – because going to trot


  • 1 have them show you posting while stopped
  • 2 send them at the walk to the wall, have them show you posting for 1 wall at the walk
  • 3 have them attempt posting at the trot for 2 walls (H to K, and F to M), change directions across the diagonal, then post 2 walls (depending on amount of time you have)
  • this whole time give praises, corrections, and posture adjustments


  • when can demonstrate posting trot for 2 walls and have time left in lesson, progress in distance:
  • 1 post across the diagonal, which is a longer distance to post than just a wall (can teach change of rein)
  • 2 post the corners and long wall, which is an even longer distance and more difficult with the corner

Wrap Up

  • While walking (because it keeps Tom engaged and movement is good for Billy), ask “What is posting?” “Why do we post?” “Who can show me what posting looks like?”


  • 1st Billy – over the croup
  • 2nd Tom – over the croup – dismount Tom 2nd so he can work on patience, unless he was super patient during the lesson as a reward you might let him dismount first

More Progression: Next lesson work on correct diagonal


Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what you do with or how you use this information. The activities explained in this blog may not be fit for every rider, riding instructor, or riding center depending on their current condition and resources. Use your best personal judgement!

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