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Trotting Pattern

Here is a simple pattern I used today for a rider competent at trotting, working toward steering at trotting and balancing herself and her horse. I liked it a lot! You can incorporate into this pattern: Steering – direct and indirect rein Half halts – to prepare for each element 2 point – over single … Continue reading


There’s only one way to skin a cat…and a million ways to teach posting. Here are a bunch of ideas from various sources that I’ve somewhat organized for all the what’s, why’s and how’s of posting. Posting Trot What avoid every other bump by rising as the horse steps with one diagonal pair be able to … Continue reading

Lesson Plan: Posting Trot

This is an example lesson plan they taught us at my certification workshop. They really emphasized everything having a reason, which hopefully shows in these notes, like why you mount which kid first. PLAN Objective: The rider will perform the posting trot down the long side of the arena 2x in each direction, with a … Continue reading