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Passive Learning vs. Active Learning

Passive vs. Active learning is not a new concept, but I hadn’t heard it discussed in the context of riding instruction before. The book “Teaching Tips for Horseback Riding Lessons” by Jo Struby brought this up and I wanted to share. Basically, passive learning is through receiving, while active learning is through doing. Passive Learning Receiving The … Continue reading

Visual Schedules

My friend Carrie of HorsePower TR sent me these great examples of visual schedules that she uses for some of her riders. I’m excited to share them with you! Visual Schedules What A visual schedule is a step by step schedule using pictures and words that clarifies the order of an activity and expectations. Why Visual schedules … Continue reading

The Practice, Progression, and Activity

After you teach the skill in your lesson, it’s time to practice and progress! This is a handout I just made for our Instructors in Training about the difference between Practice & Progression, and Activities & Games. I highlight the difference between practicing a skill and doing an activity for several reasons. 1) Certification evaluators want … Continue reading

Paying Attention

 (source) I think the same goes for humans. Today I was reminded by my horse that what we pay attention to impacts how secure others feel around us. When I first started taking my horse on the short trails around the barn all alone, she would often walk quickly, looking all over, stopping often, very concerned … Continue reading

Arena Etiquette & Protocol

When you teach a group lesson or have two instructors teaching private lessons in the same arena, you need some sort of arena etiquette to keep things safe. Usually this is unspoken common knowledge, or the barn may have a list of rules posted. In therapeutic riding this is especially important as there are many … Continue reading

Volunteer Selection For Horse and Rider

There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing your volunteers with your riders. I just added this information to the handouts I go over with our Instructors in Training about volunteer management, which includes the Volunteer Management and Addressing Volunteers posts. VOLUNTEER SELECTION FOR THE RIDER Considerations: For choosing Leaders: Has enough horse experience to … Continue reading

Selecting the Horse for a Rider with Disabilities

This is a worksheet exercise for Instructor In Training to practice selecting a horse for a rider. We just started up our Instructor Training Program for the year and I’m trying to make our classroom sessions more interactive instead of just lecture, and this is a result of it. To give you some back ground, Week … Continue reading

Clips for Good Behavior

Here is a simple way to encourage good behavior while riding. My friend Carrie Capes of Horsepower TR explains she created these smiley clips that her riders earn by doing good work. When they earn 5, they get to choose their activity – “free choice!” She says it’s very effective with kids with lots of behaviors … Continue reading

Hit the Dirt Trophy

It has been said, “The hardest part of riding is the ground.” When her riders fall off, Carrie Capes of HorsePower TR gives her riders a Hit the Dirt Trophy. She takes a Dixie cup, fills it with dirt from the arena, writes “Hit the Dirt Trophy” on the side, and sends it home with them … Continue reading