Hit the Dirt Trophy

It has been said, “The hardest part of riding is the ground.”


When her riders fall off, Carrie Capes of HorsePower TR gives her riders a Hit the Dirt Trophy. She takes a Dixie cup, fills it with dirt from the arena, writes “Hit the Dirt Trophy” on the side, and sends it home with them to put on their mantle. She can’t remember where she got the idea from, but says the kids LOVE it and (after tears, talking it through, and getting back on again) are so excited to take home their cup of dirt!

hitthedirt2 hitthedirt3

I remember when I was a kid at horse camp they told us, “You’re not a real rider until you fall off,” so we were so excited when we finally fell off because it meant we were the real deal!

What do you when your riders fall off to help turn it into a better experience?


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  1. This is interesting about Hit the Dirt – lovely idea. We have problem in the UK with negligence suits. How do you sort your risk assessment and avoid hitting the dirt? We are all so worried about carers/ companies suing us that we almost don’t do any thing risky any more.

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