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2016 State of the Blog Report

At the end of every year I love to see the annual stats on the blog and post them! While nothing can compare to the actual comments readers send me, seeing where readers are from, which posts are the most popular, and so on, helps me feel that much closer to everyone, and contributes to a feeling … Continue reading

Year End Evaluation and New Year Goals

Happy New Year! At the end of every year my barn does year end self & supervisor evaluations and goal reviewing and setting. I really like the format, because the self-evaluation helps me see where I need work and helps me decide what new goals to set. Since it’s the New Year, I’m going to … Continue reading

Equine Therapy Horse Care Standards

Today we have a guest post about Equine Therapy Horse Care Standards in the therapeutic riding industry. Cryshtal Avera has created a website/blog dedicated to this topic where systems and standards can be shared in a collaborative and supportive environment. I am excited to see another website related to therapeutic riding pop up and to help … Continue reading

Sensory Trail Ideas

Sorry it’s been a while, we were travelling for a whole month! (With a 4 now 8 week old!) One stop was back home in California, where there are plenty of horse barns in the hills where both our parents live. One barn in particular has a sensory trail or obstacle course by the road that sparks … Continue reading

How to Start a Therapeutic Riding Program

I’ve had several people ask about how to start a therapeutic riding program – where to start and get help. While I have never done this myself, I’ve taken business classes and collected resources. So I have some recommendations, and I am sure a few of you readers have some advice to share! How to … Continue reading

Time Management, Part 3: Lesson Timing

This is the last post in this series about time management. Part 1 was about Perspective, Part 2 was about tips & techniques to manage and schedule your time, and now Part 3 is about time management regarding planning and teaching your lessons. Hopefully these tips are helpful for instructors in training and  certified instructors alike. Time … Continue reading

Time Management, Part 2: Tips and Techniques

This is a short series of long posts about time management – because it seems every TR instructor I know says they’re so busy, and I have a hard time keeping things short! Part 1 was about Perspective, now Part 2 is about tips & techniques to manage and schedule your time. Note these are TIPS meant to … Continue reading

Time Management, Part 1: Perspective

Two years ago I was over scheduled and stressed out. I made a New Year’s resolution to improve my time management, and over the year learned quite a few helpful things that I would like to share with you, because I imagine most people in the therapeutic riding industry feel or have felt this way … Continue reading

Monthly Themes

As you are thinking about the new year, consider creating monthly or quarterly themes! Quarterly Themes One barn I worked at did quarterly themes one year. Each quarter (or session, or semester, or however you do it) the director picked the theme and assigned an instructor to put together a small presentation with lesson ideas. … Continue reading