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Monthly Themes

As you are thinking about the new year, consider creating monthly or quarterly themes! Quarterly Themes One barn I worked at did quarterly themes one year. Each quarter (or session, or semester, or however you do it) the director picked the theme and assigned an instructor to put together a small presentation with lesson ideas. … Continue reading

2015 State of the Blog Report

Happy New Year! As tradition, it’s time for the annual State of the Blog Report. I just like seeing where readers are from and what they like to read! This year I tried to make it a not so fancy infograph. Enjoy! Thank you everyone for reading and following the blog! It’s fun to share this … Continue reading

How to Repair a Horse Blanket

We all know therapeutic horseback riding barns aren’t rolling in dough enough to buy new horse blankets every time the horses get into a squabble. Here are some tips for repairing horse blankets that have worked for me. This stems from today, when I repaired yet another hole in my own horse’s blanket in preparation … Continue reading

Equine Spa Currying Sessions

One of the best sessions I attended at the 2015 PATH Intl Conference was “Grooming for the Healthy Horse” by BJ Hartmann of Miracle Farm Rescue about incorporate equine acupressure and massage into grooming. She explained everything in a way that you or I or our volunteers could do at home. The best part is, it’s basically … Continue reading

Riding Helmets vs. Bike Helmets

Have you ever had a new rider ask if they can wear a bike helmet? I have, and I really like this simple explanation from Julie Goodnight about why equestrians needs to wear riding helmets, not bike helmets. To watch her video explanation, click here for the video on Facebook. Or read on! She explains that, … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: How horses eat their food

Every so often on Friday I post some video I find funny or interesting, and that probably has nothing to do with Therapeutic Riding except that it makes you smile, and smiling is therapeutic. Recognize anyone from your herd? Have a great weekend! **************************

Fun Video Friday: What do horses think?

Perhaps this should be called Fun Question Friday. What do horses think? (Video URL: I myself often wonder: When people get in cars or on tractors, do horses think they turn into them? Or understand they are separate? Do they think we are transformers? Have you ever asked your riders what they think their … Continue reading

Lessons in TR Pinterest Board

So many ideas come from just a picture, and those pictures aren’t mine to share on this blog. So I’ve created a Lessons in TR Pinterest Board! I’ll pin ideas and inspirations for Therapeutic Riding Instructors that are just a picture with a short description, too tiny for a whole post. Here is the link: … Continue reading

Newborn horses give clues to autism

This is a greatly interesting article. Go Alma Mater! Newborn horses give clues to autism Story by Pat Bailey, video and photos by Joe Proudman Read how UC Davis researchers believe solutions for newborn horses may be linked to helping newborn humans. Click here to read the story, or go here: **************** Note: This … Continue reading