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Program Sustainability Concepts

We’re back with day 2 of the 2017 PATH Intl Virtual Conference! The first session was “Program Sustainability at Year 70: Practical Advice and Choices from Green Chimneys” by Michael Kaufmann of Green Chimneys, and it was really good. In case you thought, like me, what can this chimney guy teach us about the therapeutic riding business, know … Continue reading

PATH Intl Virtual Conference!

Hi all, it’s been a while! I’ve been out of the teaching loop due lately, but today I’m sooo excited to attend the PATH Intl Virtual Conference for the next two days!  I haven’t been able to get out to teach and ride as much as I’d thought I would since having the baby, so the … Continue reading

Movement Development, revisited

Something that has been blowing my mind lately is connections between child development, watching my baby learn to move, horseback riding, therapeutic horseback riding, and rehabilitating my own core. Because they are really all the same thing. Motor Development A few years ago I posted about Movement Development and Stability. The seminar made me aware of … Continue reading

How to Make Your Blog Pay for Itself

Heads up – today’s post is NOT about Therapeutic Riding! This post is about how to make your blog pay for itself, like I did, in hopes that it will help someone out, like all the internet articles helped me. So unless you’re looking for this specific info, you can skip it 🙂 About 2 years … Continue reading

Sensory Trail

A sensory trail is a trail ride that incorporates natural and man-made elements and activities that incorporate all the senses – such as hills, bridges, flowers, music or touch stations, and so on. These are so fun to have at a therapeutic riding program! I wrote a post a few years ago on sensory trail but … Continue reading

Notes – Diet, Bone Adaptation, Infectious Disease Control

This past Saturday I attended the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Horseman’s Forum, a great day of seminars and continued education for those in the equine industry in Indiana. I really like this event because the presentations always include recent medical advancements and research, basic information as well as over-my-head info, and awesome real life pictures of gruesome … Continue reading

2016 State of the Blog Report

At the end of every year I love to see the annual stats on the blog and post them! While nothing can compare to the actual comments readers send me, seeing where readers are from, which posts are the most popular, and so on, helps me feel that much closer to everyone, and contributes to a feeling … Continue reading

Year End Evaluation and New Year Goals

Happy New Year! At the end of every year my barn does year end self & supervisor evaluations and goal reviewing and setting. I really like the format, because the self-evaluation helps me see where I need work and helps me decide what new goals to set. Since it’s the New Year, I’m going to … Continue reading