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Staying Involved in EAAT When You’re Not Instructing

Staying Involved in EAAT When You’re Not Instructing There may be times in your life when you do not instruct therapeutic riding lessons or are involved in equine assisted activities and therapies – due to injury, other jobs, burnout, having kids, or some other reason – and that’s okay! I’m in that boat right now with … Continue reading

2018 State of the Blog Report

This post is a yearly report on the blog because I find this sort of thing interesting and encouraging. If you find it boring, move on! haha 2018 was a big year for this blog, although I’m not sure why because I did not post nearly as often! Between having a newborn and toddler and … Continue reading


UPDATE: Read the post Terminology II for the most recent updates on terminology as of 2021!! I’ve crossed out the terminology to discontinue in the post below. Please know the definitions in the post below are my own compilations, and the definitions on the new post are the official ones. I am leaving this post … Continue reading

2017 State of the Blog Report

This is a super belated annual New Year’s post reporting how the blog did in 2017 and a few updates! I think these are fun because it shows me the community of people out there and hopefully helps you feel a part of the bigger world network of therapeutic riding instruction. 2017 State of the … Continue reading

Book & Facebook!

Lessons In TR has two exciting announcements! 1. Facebook! This is kind of scary but…Lessons in TR is now on Facebook! I’ve had a few requests and decided it would be a good idea because, you know, I don’t have much time to be on the internet and am trying to get off Facebook. This is … Continue reading

Extra Large Helmets

Do any of your riders have a head so large it doesn’t your normal helmets? It’s not an uncommon problem. I’ve read about it in multiple forums, and recently had a reader ask for helmet recommendations for this. I didn’t have a good answer off the top of my head, so I thought it would make a … Continue reading