Game: Character Cups

Today’s game is brought to you courtesy of Carrie Capes at HorsePowerTR!

Character Cups


  • Character cups – Target/Walmart sells character cups for various movies and characters.  Run a line of Velcro down one side of the cup so it can stick to a pole.
  • Character Images – Print the 3 character sheets, laminate, cut out and put Velcro on back.


  • Stick 3 different character cups to a Velcro pole.
  • Stick mixed up different character images on a few Velcro poles in the arena.
  • Create some obstacles in the middle of arena and poles at the ends.


  • Roll the dice.
  • Go through an obstacle to work on a riding skill.
  • Collect that number of characters.
  • Ride the same obstacle on the way back.  Or, ride back holding the pieces on top of your helmet with both hands.
  • Sort them into the different cups.
  • Quizz them on the names of the characters (we write names on back), which is their favorite, which is most like them, most like their horse or volunteer, etc.

Additional Idesa

  • This can also be done with photos of horses, tack, etc.!
  • Carried kindly attached her current character images for your convenience. They also have used Toy Story, SuperHeros, and Cars.
  • This is a good job for your intern. Carrie’s were made by her latest intern, Marisa Peters!


CarrieGames (25) CarrieGames (27)

CarrieGames (23)

HP game pic 1


The image sheets for the most recent cups (click to download):

HP game spongebob
HP game princesses
HP game hello kitty

Thank you so much for contributing, Carrie! Here’s a little thank you plug….if you like this game, support their 3rd Annual Big Bowling Fundraiser on Sat, Feb 21st, 2015! Order Event tickets: Purchase 50/50 tickets $5ea or 5 for $20. Book of 10 for $40.


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