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Gingerbread Man Lesson Plan

I’m excited to share with you today a fun lesson plan sent to me by Christine from Pony Preschool (check out their website and Facebook page)! She used it to teach preschool aged children on ponies, but it’s totally adaptable to therapeutic riding students and whatever skills they are working on. Make sure to check … Continue reading

Horse Birthday & Treat Recipes for Fine Motor Skills

While looking up ideas for a post about ceremonies in your lesson program, I came across ideas for horse birthdays and realized that making birthday cakes and treats for horses is a great way to practice motor skills, following directions, hand-eye coordination, as well as just have fun! So here are some recipes I want … Continue reading

Halt Between the Poles Activity

Update: The comments are now working again! I finally figured it out. Please comment away! And if there were posts in the past few weeks you wanted to add to but couldn’t, please go back, as you should be able to now : ) I’m sorry for the inconvenience! This is a simple activity to progressively … Continue reading

Lesson Planning: The Practice & Activity

Sometimes we get so excited about what activity we’re going to do with our students we jump in to the game or pattern without giving much time to actually practicing the skill first. In this post I want to review the different between practicing the skill and using the skill in an activity, because some riders really need … Continue reading

Game: Character Cups

Today’s game is brought to you courtesy of Carrie Capes at HorsePowerTR! Character Cups Supplies Character cups – Target/Walmart sells character cups for various movies and characters.  Run a line of Velcro down one side of the cup so it can stick to a pole. Character Images – Print the 3 character sheets, laminate, cut … Continue reading