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I just bought my first horse!

Well, I actually bought her a month ago. But she finally got trailered down to me, so now it feels like this is for real. She is a 7 year old Rocky Mountain Horse. Her name is Zella Ray. I bought her from once of the therapeutic riding barns I worked at, where she was born and raised but was far from being a TR horse. Now I get to complete her training! I’m so excited.

Unfortunately she got a bit banged up in the trailer, including a deep scrape down her cannon. We’ve treated it, but I was inspired to learn more, since I am always confused about what ointments to use. I found these two articles useful, so I wanted to share them!

“The Science of Wound Ointments for Horses” By Christine Barakat – “A topical wound preparation can have a big impact–positive or negative–on the healing process. Here are tips from a wound-care expert for selecting the right product for your horse’s injury.”

“Proper wound treatment can reduce complications” by horsetalk.co.nz

What about you? What ointments do you use to treat equine wounds?


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