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Extraordinary Horses

A new reader linked to my blog from her website, so I figured I’d return the favor! Check it out: Extraordinary Horses at http://www.extraordinaryhorses.org/ This website promotes the therapeutic benefits of horses, gives a great overview of Equine Therapies, Charities, Horses, Donkeys, Grants and Research – in both the US and Australia – and the home/blog … Continue reading

Teaching Tips for your Back Pocket

I think the hardest thing about learning to instruct riding (or anything) is that in the beginning you don’t yet have a pocket full of tips and tricks to pull out for every circumstance and skill. The more you teach, watch others teach, read, and take lessons yourself, the more you’ll add to that back … Continue reading

Rider Asymmetry Article

When you teach you should always be checking your rider’s alignment from the back. It is easiest to do this when they change directions through the middle of the arena – also a good time to add a tack check. When they pass, check if their spine is straight, their shoulders even, their hips even, … Continue reading

“5 Themed Lesson Plans that Work” article

PATH Intl. has posted the handouts from the 2012 Conference at the 2012 PATH Conference Handouts website! One of them is the handout “5 Themed Lesson Plans that Work”. It present 5 Themed Units with 5 Lessons each, resulting in 25 Lesson Plans! The 5 themes are: Drill Team Western Dressage Challenge Course Cavaletti Gymkhana It also includes these … Continue reading

Skills Articles

I recently discovered this list of articles about riding. It’s a great collection of short 1-2 page articles about many of the skills you teach your students. They come from the Meredith Manor equestrian college and their school of thought. I have found them very helpful and easy to understand. Click below or use the … Continue reading

TR Games Book – “Games for All Seasons”

I just became aware of a new book of games for TR instructors, check it out! It looks great! Click below. “Games for All Seasons: designed for use in therapeutic riding lessons” by Nancy Hohmann (Author), Andrew Ellis (Illustrator) **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what … Continue reading

Resources from the Special Olympics website

I love these resources, so I’m pointing them out in a post! (They are also listed on my Resources page). Equestrian Special Olympics Coaching Guide – explains how to train a student over several months for competing aka lesson planning, various skills and riding information the student needs to know, warm up exercises, stretching and strengthening, correct body … Continue reading

Region 5 2012 Handouts

Region 5 just had their conference and is so kind as to post their handouts online for everyone to see! The Communication Tools and Strategies especially apply to instructors. Click here for Region 5’s 2012 Handouts **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what you do … Continue reading

Wound Care Articles

I just bought my first horse! Well, I actually bought her a month ago. But she finally got trailered down to me, so now it feels like this is for real. She is a 7 year old Rocky Mountain Horse. Her name is Zella Ray. I bought her from once of the therapeutic riding barns … Continue reading