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Schooling of Therapy Horses

I realize that there is a gap in my blog regarding the care of therapy horses. I would like to do some more blog posts about this and have the perfect opportunity from a reader question! She writes: “I am looking to redo how my center does the schooling of our lesson horses. … I … Continue reading

Equine Therapy Horse Care Standards

Today we have a guest post about Equine Therapy Horse Care Standards in the therapeutic riding industry. Cryshtal Avera has created a website/blog dedicated to this topic where systems and standards can be shared in a collaborative and supportive environment. I am excited to see another website related to therapeutic riding pop up and to help … Continue reading

A Few Links – Safety, Memorials, Horse care, Amputees

Here are a few links I’ve been wanting to share: ~ The PATH Intl. Conference 2015 Handouts from most of the seminars! Check them out! ~ Here are some great “why’s” regarding safety around horses by Julie Goodnight, Unsafe Mistakes We Make Around Horses. ~ A quick read by The RubberCurryComb called “Remembrance,” on having a … Continue reading

Equine Spa Currying Sessions

One of the best sessions I attended at the 2015 PATH Intl Conference was “Grooming for the Healthy Horse” by BJ Hartmann of Miracle Farm Rescue about incorporate equine acupressure and massage into grooming. She explained everything in a way that you or I or our volunteers could do at home. The best part is, it’s basically … Continue reading

Holly’s Horses (Activities with Plastic Horses)

I think “Holly’s Horses” sounds so much nicer : ) My coworker Holly uses plastic horses in her lessons to incorporate horse knowledge while they are riding. She uses her daughter’s old Breyers, plastic toys, stables, and saddles for various activities. Here are some ideas for you! Activities with Plastic Horses Colors & Markings Have a few … Continue reading

Wound Care Articles

I just bought my first horse! Well, I actually bought her a month ago. But she finally got trailered down to me, so now it feels like this is for real. She is a 7 year old Rocky Mountain Horse. Her name is Zella Ray. I bought her from once of the therapeutic riding barns … Continue reading

Managing Horses in the Heat Wave

Last month when the heat wave happened throughout the Midwest, the University of Kentucky put out an article about horse management during a heat wave. I thought it was good enough to share here! Click here to read “Heat wave requires revising management strate for horses” by Laurie Lawrence. Remember, when it’s hot outside keep an eye … Continue reading