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Special Olympics Trail Pattern 1

This was the trail pattern from the Indiana Special Olympics this year. We had fun practicing it with our students so I thought I’d share! The Key: Orange = walk Green = trot (or they can walk the whole thing) Red X = stop The Pattern: Walk and 2 point over the pole between the … Continue reading

Patterns and Stations

This is a neat way to do things shared to me by Ashley of NTRC at the Advanced Workshop I attended. Most of her lessons have lots of riders so this is the format she often uses. Arena Setup Set up the arena into 3 stations, each with a pattern and activity Here we have: 1 … Continue reading

Arena Figures

What are Figures? Figures are “prescribed paths a horse is ridden on in a riding arena…[which] provides markers that can help indicate the correctness in the size or shape of a figure” (wikipedia). Why gives rider feedback about their own skills (a poor circle may indicate the rider sits crooked) gives rider feedback about their … Continue reading

Two Person Drill Team Pattern

I recently made this drill team pattern for two of my riders. They performed it in the Fun Show and it looked great so I thought I’d share, since I couldn’t find any two person drill team patterns out in internet land. Feel free to use it! Things to teach for drill team: how to … Continue reading

Shapes Pattern

Here is a simple game I did a few weeks ago. It can be modified in a million ways! Props: 3 upright or T poles in triangle 4 tall cones in square 8 small cones in circle 4 cards depicting the shapes to be made around the items Arena setup should be as follows, with … Continue reading

Trail Pattern & Leg Yield

Yesterday was the last day of the session, so I wanted to do something extra fun. It was also very hot, so we couldn’t trot. Therefore I made a long trail course! I used it to teach them various obstacles they might encounter on a real outdoor trail ride, as well as work on the specific … Continue reading

The Honey Bear Obstacle Course

A friend told me about this activity she saw someone do with their students, and I thought it was cute enough to share! However, I forgot exactly how it went so I may have added some of my own embellishments. Enjoy! The Honey Bear Obstacle Course Introduce the bear. He is hungry. Your mission is … Continue reading

Obstacle Course + Grooming Tools

This is a nice activity I did with my students this week: Arena setup: 2 barrels 1 bucket with grooming tools on the first barrel 1 bucket empty on the second barrel 1 ground pole (or more if desired) 4 weaving cones Woah at the barrel. Get a grooming tool. Have rider take a grooming … Continue reading

Simple Steering Patterns

This simple set-up can be used in a few different ways to teach steering. Mix and combine them as you see fit! The following is one example of progression for direct rein steering. You can also use this pattern to teach neck reining, steering leg aids, and bending. Arena Set Up 2 barrels, one on … Continue reading

3 Step Pattern

The 3 step pattern is great! Put any number of obstacles in the arena and give your student 3 to do in a row, and repeat the pattern to work on your goal. I like it best to work on steering, memory, and/or independence. Arena Set Up: 4 cones in a line 2 parallel poles … Continue reading