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6 Step Pattern

The last week of sessions has come and gone for us already and I forgot to make a holiday-themed activity! I think I made up for it though with a long pattern, enjoyable lessons, and that for client appreciation each rider got to give their horse a treat from a bucket after their lesson. (Some … Continue reading

Lessons from Sean Patrick

   Lessons from Sean Patrick I fulfilled a little dream goal this past weekend and rode in a clinic with Sean Patrick, who wrote Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke, the book I used to train my horse! His training style is what I would call logical western, is similar to John Lyons (he did his certification … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Serpentine, Communication Game

Today I have 3 videos for you! First, a pattern. How to Ride a Serpentine She gives great explanations for why to ride this pattern. Second, a game. Communication Game Spoiler: It’s red light green light. Which you all know, I’m sure. BUT more interesting is how this video discusses communication, including one participant who … Continue reading

Patterns 2.0 – for both horse and rider

This past weekend I went to the Midwest Horse Fair where I discovered Jec Ballou, one of the clinicians who focuses on horse fitness and classical training. Her perspective and exercises were so refreshing and very applicable to therapeutic riding, I believe. She wrote Equine Fitness and 101 Western Dressage Exercises, both of which I have and highly … Continue reading

Riding a straight line to 3 trot poles

Once my riders can trot 1 lap around the arena independently and switch directions across the diagonal, I find it’s time to come off the rail. Otherwise they get bored, they start to wander, so their horses start to wander, or their horses decide it’s a better idea to hang out with the instructor and … Continue reading

Figure 8s Gymkhana Pattern

Here is a simple pattern to use for steering. Set up the arena with barrels or poles like this: Teach steering. Practice steering by walking on the rail and making circles around the barrels closest to the rail, one on each side. Do this both directions. Progress to the Figure 8s gymkhana pattern: Enjoy! **************** … Continue reading

Bending and Straightening Activity

Here is an exercise that my instructor did with me, and that I think might be fun to do with some of your more advanced students! Bending and Straightening Arena setup: 2 poles, 1 in each corner at one end of the arena, as if cutting it off to form a triangle Skill: Bending & Straitening … Continue reading

Obstacle Course Shapes

Here are some ideas for spicing up your obstacle courses! When deciding which shape to use for your obstacle course, keep in mind: The rider’s balance (shallow or tight turns) The rider’s processing time (able to handle long or short straightaways, aka turns coming up quickly or not) Your ability to see everyone in the … Continue reading

5 Basic Patterns

Here are 5 basic patterns one of our instructors printed up and laminated for us. The orange dots are for markers such as cones or upright poles. You can set up several in the arena at once using different markers. Enjoy! **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable … Continue reading