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Lesson Plan Template

I just found this in my notes from a conference. I like the fresh perspective it offers to The Basic Lesson Plan. Lesson Plan Template Transition Calm Down Relax & Stretch Review & Remember New Skill Practice, Figure it out Have Fun (Activity) Hugs & Bonding Do you have any lesson plan templates to share? … Continue reading

Seat Aids – to energize & slow down

Today I researched and taught the seat aids. It worked out pretty well, and I got some great feedback and ideas from a friend, so I thought I’d share! The Seat Aids Helpful Warmups Shoulder circles backward – tends to be tight – one at a time then together “growing taller in your spine” Lift … Continue reading

Lesson Plan: Matching Cards & Pole Weaving Activity

Once you have a set of matching cards, there are so many uses…here is another one! Supplies: 1 barrel 4 cones setup in square 4 weaving poles Matching cards (for resources see Matching Card Games post) – one set on the barrel, one set on the poles velcro or tape – one set of cards … Continue reading

Riding Lesson Planning – template by Amanda

Amanda at Running Shoes and Cowgirl Boots recently wrote a simple great post about how she plans her riding lessons – and I’m not just saying that because she refers to this blog, but because I think it’s a great resource, complete with a PDF template for you to use. Check it out! Riding Lesson Planning (http://balancingonhoney.com/2013/07/30/riding-lesson-planning/) … Continue reading

The First Lesson

In my certification process we learned about doing a rider assessment, and teaching a new skill in a lesson, but we never learned about what happens in between – the exciting FIRST lesson! This is such a joy – a joy for you to share your love of horses with a new student for the … Continue reading

Annie’s Warm Ups and Exercises

Recently a coworker lent me her master’s project from a few years ago, a binder full of Therapeutic Riding Exercises and Activities and Equine Facilitated Learning Activities, to use as a resource for this blog! First I want to share her warm ups and stretching exercises, which include the “how” and the “why” for each one. … Continue reading

Token System Lesson Plan

What is the token system? The Token Economy System is a behavior modification system based on the positive reinforcement of targeted behaviors. You give the students tokens for the desired behavior, which they can later trade in for a reward. It can be used to reward students who already show good behavior and to motivate … Continue reading

Speech Disabilities in Therapeutic Riding

Sometimes you will get students with speech disabilities. While the TR Instructor is not a speech therapist – your purpose is to teach riding skills – there are certain adaptations you need to make and things you can do to help communication. I wanted to share some resources I have found so far about working … Continue reading

3 Step Pattern

The 3 step pattern is great! Put any number of obstacles in the arena and give your student 3 to do in a row, and repeat the pattern to work on your goal. I like it best to work on steering, memory, and/or independence. Arena Set Up: 4 cones in a line 2 parallel poles … Continue reading