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Teaching Techniques: Effective Feedback

Here’s some more notes on teaching techniques that I‚Äôve given ITs (Instructor in Training). This time I rewrote much of it to make it better, and as usual am super breaking it down because that’s what I like to do… I remember teaching my first lesson and suddenly freezing up like a deer in the … Continue reading

Teaching Techniques: Arena Management

I have a lot of notes on teaching techniques that I’ve given ITs (Instructor in Training) that I’m going to share here, because they’re already put together and easy to post ūüôā Mostly all the ones that are missing from the Guide to Certification’s¬†Teaching Techniques sections, shown in red. Feel free to add your own … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: How Not to Teach a Lesson

Fun Video Friday! I haven’t done one of these in a while… This is a fun clip I call “How Not to Teach a Lesson”. Instructors In Training, what does the instructor need to work on? Do well? Everyone else, have a laugh. Enjoy! If you can’t see the above video, click here! **************** Note: … Continue reading

Tattletale Reins

Today I tried riding with split reins and realized how tattletale reins can really be! (Please excuse the poor picture of attempted recreation post-ride – there’s no way to take a photo of both your hands unless you have help!) First off, let me encourage you to try some new riding way – if you’re … Continue reading

Podcasts: Learning while you drive (and ride!)

Is Spring here yet? I recently came across this nice podcast, Daily Strides, which comes out weekly with a new topic about horseback riding and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. I was hooked by episode 1025, “Working Toward a Consistently Better Quality Trot”. Daily Strides¬†is a great resource for lesson … Continue reading

The Training Wheel

This blog post is something that‚Äôs been floating around in my head for a long time now. Ever since reading “The Dressage Training Pyramid for Mere Mortals”, I‚Äôve been thinking about how there‚Äôs so many more components involved in the typical USDF Pyramid of Training than just one triangle can tell! So I‚Äôve created this … Continue reading

Consistent vs. Changing Lesson Plans

When I first started teaching, I spent a lot of time making new lesson plans every week for my riders. Now that it’s been a few years, I still take time to lesson plan every week but it goes faster because the lesson plans stay very similar. This got me thinking about the importance of … Continue reading

Sharing Laughs and Singing Songs

Here are two easy teaching tips that can really help! Ok, not so much teaching tips as connecting-with-your-riders tips. Here you go! Share Laughter This was one of the most influential ideas I took from Claudine Pelletier-Milet’s book,¬†Riding on the Autism Spectrum.¬† Laughing with someone creates a connection and a bond that is very important … Continue reading

Hierarchy of Support for Leaders & Sidewalkers

I am going through the gaps of information not on this blog, and it seems I have never posted about the types of support that leaders and sidewalkers can give their riders. By support I mean physical assistance – I already blogged about sidewalker prompting assistance in the¬†Hierarchy of Prompts. Breaking it down like this … Continue reading

Preparing for New Riders

While I have posted about preparing a¬†The Lesson Plan¬†and doing the Intake Lesson (Version 1 & Version 2), I have not posted necessarily about preparing for a new rider. This has been on my mind lately because I have a new client! Within The Lesson Plan¬†post, the first thing is what to do before the … Continue reading