Fun Video Friday: War Horse the broadway

Sometimes on Friday I post some video I find funny or interesting, and that probably has nothing to do with Therapeutic Riding except that it makes you smile, and smiling is therapeutic 🙂

This one has to do with War Horse – the broadway, not the movie. At some point I became fascinated with the broadway show because they use PUPPETS for the horses and do SUCH an amazing job of animating horse behavior. I watched so many YouTube videos about it, and they were all so interesting I had to share! So to make up for all the Fun Video Fridays I’ve missed, here are a bunch.

Video 1

“Experiencing War Horse with Monty Roberts.” Monty advised the puppet operators on how to move like a live horse at the National Theatre in London.


Video 2

The foal. I can’t believe how well they animate baby horse behavior.


Video 3

Short Ted Talk about how they control the puppets.


Video 4

Long Ted Talk about the evolution of the puppet horse.




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