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Fun Video Friday: Serpentine, Communication Game

Today I have 3 videos for you! First, a pattern. How to Ride a Serpentine She gives great explanations for why to ride this pattern. Second, a game. Communication Game Spoiler: It’s red light green light. Which you all know, I’m sure. BUT more interesting is how this video discusses communication, including one participant who … Continue reading

Fun Video Sunday: Leaning, Strong and Weak Sides

Here is a great video by Randi Thompson about fixing leaning and weight habits! In therapeutic riding we talk about how some riders have a strong and weak side. I think that this actually happens to everyone in the world to some extent. We all have strong and weak sides. This video highlights a recreational rider’s strong side … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Rein Connection at the Trot

I really like Randi Thompson’s YouTube Videos of her teaching, because she gives such a good example of explaining things and working to what the rider needs! Today’s video is about rein connection, trotting, changing directions, and spirals. Going back to the basics at the trot If you can’t see it, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hGST9HfzI8 Enjoy! **************** … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Teaching Children to Train Ponies

Here is a great video about how Mette Hald Rasmussen & Ædellunds Shetlandsponyer in Denmark teaches horsemanship and riding skills while at the same time teaching their riders to help with their ponies’ training. The video presents a lot of ideas to incorporate into your lessons. Plus, any video with a million (okay, 10) ponies in one arena … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: What do horses think?

Perhaps this should be called Fun Question Friday. What do horses think? (Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifFfRblUDPs) I myself often wonder: When people get in cars or on tractors, do horses think they turn into them? Or understand they are separate? Do they think we are transformers? Have you ever asked your riders what they think their … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Leg Aids

This Fun Video Friday’s pick is from the Randi Thompson Youtube Station. It is about leg aids, in particular about using your calf instead of your heel to ask for forward motion. At least watch the first few minutes, as she gives a great example of talking the rider through using her calf and alternating leg use. If you … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Exercises for Balance

This is a super cute video. Like all videos, take it with a grain of salt. And talk like them for the rest of the day! **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what you do with or how you use this information. The activities explained … Continue reading