Veterans: “Recon: Unbridled” Documentary and Article

“A Pentagon Channel documentary sheds light on how military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are finding help through the power of horse therapy. “Recon: Unbridled” highlights “Horses for Veterans,” at Flag is Up Farms in California, an intensive three-day program designed to help veterans of all ages who have PTSD, free of charge. “I think No. 1 is to work with veterans who have given up on life,” said Monty Roberts, a renowned horse whisperer. Roberts uses his horse-friendly “Joining Up” techniques on abused and mistreated horses, and adapts it for self-isolating veterans who have post-traumatic stress.” – Terri Moon Cronk, American Forces Press Service

Here is a great article and video about veterans and horses! I have been told by reputable sources that when spreading word about your Veterans Therapeutic Riding program, having articles and videos to show the recreational therapist and staff immensely helps them understand exactly what it is your are doing, why it works, and why it would be good for them to have their veterans participate. This would be a great resource.

Read the whole Article here (several links in case one doesn’t work): (both the article and the documentary video)

Watch the Documentary here:



If that link doesn’t work, try these:

Monty Robert’s Horse Sense and Soldiers Clinics promo video:





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