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Red Light Green Light Extreme

Here is a fun version of Red Light Green Light our volunteers created: obstacle course style! Setup: two obstacle courses down the quarter lines, using things like upright poles, knocked oer cones, barrels, etc. one “start” cone at the beginning of the course, one “end” cone at the end of the course (or if you … Continue reading

Lesson Plan for Walk Halt Transitions

Lesson Plan for Walk Halt Transitions Set up 8 cones – 2 pairs of cones set up on each quarter line (so the rider will turn down the quarterline, halt between the cones, walk on, halt between the next cones, walk on – leave enough room for them to turn back on to the rail or … Continue reading

The Silent Stop

I was reminded recently of this technique I’ve seen several therapists use during hippotherapy, and wanted to share, because I forgot how much I love it! The Silent Stop Silently ask the leader to stop the horse with a little stopping motion of your hand. Give the rider a few moments to realize what has … Continue reading

Token System Lesson Plan

What is the token system? The Token Economy System is a behavior modification system based on the positive reinforcement of targeted behaviors. You give the students tokens for the desired behavior, which they can later trade in for a reward. It can be used to reward students who already show good behavior and to motivate … Continue reading

The Natural Aids

I have learned through watching others to teach students how to ride a horse in an order like this: 1. how to woah (pull reins back to hips) 2. how to walk on (say “walk on”, give a squeeze, hands forward – number of aids depends on student) 3. how to steer (pull direct rein … Continue reading