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When To Cancel Riding Lessons Due To Cold

It’s been wintery here lately, so it seems fitting to make a post about when to cancel riding lessons due to cold! It’s a topic that comes up every winter in the online forums, so I was excited to find a lot of responses and personal experiences from which to source the content of this … Continue reading

Barn Tour: Xenophon

In this post I’m going to share my visit to the program Xenophon in Orinda, CA! This is not a comprehensive description of their program, but rather I’ll share the things I found most interesting and inspiring. I met Lindsay, who works at Xenophon, at the PATH Intl Conference in San Diego about 4 years ago (we lunged … Continue reading

Volunteer Selection For Horse and Rider

There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing your volunteers with your riders. I just added this information to the handouts I go over with our Instructors in Training about volunteer management, which includes the Volunteer Management and Addressing Volunteers posts. VOLUNTEER SELECTION FOR THE RIDER Considerations: For choosing Leaders: Has enough horse experience to … Continue reading

Addressing Volunteers

Once an Instructor in Training gets the basics of teaching a lesson, you need to start incorporating more active volunteer management. This means making sure your volunteers are supporting the rider correctly, being safe, and helping the lesson run smoothly. To do this you must communicate with the volunteers by giving them praise and correction, just like … Continue reading

Volunteer Management

When you first start teaching, it’s easy to fixate on your rider and forget the rest of the world. However, often your volunteers need just as much feedback and praise – if not more! So here are some notes on basic volunteer management. VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT The role of a TRI isn’t just teaching the rider, … Continue reading