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Figure 8s Gymkhana Pattern

Here is a simple pattern to use for steering. Set up the arena with barrels or poles like this: Teach steering. Practice steering by walking on the rail and making circles around the barrels closest to the rail, one on each side. Do this both directions. Progress to the Figure 8s gymkhana pattern: Enjoy! **************** … Continue reading

Red Light Green Light Extreme

Here is a fun version of Red Light Green Light our volunteers created: obstacle course style! Setup: two obstacle courses down the quarter lines, using things like upright poles, knocked oer cones, barrels, etc. one “start” cone at the beginning of the course, one “end” cone at the end of the course (or if you … Continue reading

4 Obstacle Course Patterns

Here are 4 new obstacle course patterns that I have seen used at our barn lately. Obstacle Course Patterns #1 #2 #3 #4 (The yellow star marks a convenient place to stand so you can always see everyone.) Bonus: Example Lesson Plan! Lesson Plan for Pattern #4: Direct and Indirect Rein Steering Safety Check Mount … Continue reading

Clips for Exercises and Steering

Clips,   clothespins, and barrettes – oh my! Clips, clothespins, and barrettes are great tools to use in lessons! For exercises you can have the rider put them on their horse’s mane or on the saddle pad, then take them back off. Here is a picture of clips in a mini’s mane (imagine it on … Continue reading

Lesson Plan: Matching Cards & Pole Weaving Activity

Once you have a set of matching cards, there are so many uses…here is another one! Supplies: 1 barrel 4 cones setup in square 4 weaving poles Matching cards (for resources see Matching Card Games post) – one set on the barrel, one set on the poles velcro or tape – one set of cards … Continue reading