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There’s only one way to skin a cat…and a million ways to teach posting. Here are a bunch of ideas from various sources that I’ve somewhat organized for all the what’s, why’s and how’s of posting. Posting Trot What avoid every other bump by rising as the horse steps with one diagonal pair be able to … Continue reading

Slow Down and Speed Up (Rating Speed)

This seemed like a good skill to teach before allowing the independent trot. How to slow down and speed up! Also known as, rating your horses speed. What Rating your horse’s speed = using the Slow Down and Speed Up cues to keep him one consistent speed Why To be comfortable to ride and easy … Continue reading

Skills Curriculum for Veterans Program

As instructors we are to think in the short term with lesson plans and objectives, and long term with goals and curriculum. Both are forms of skill progression – but one is focused on today, and one is focused on the whole session or year. A friend sent me this curriculum that she has used … Continue reading

Seat Aids – to energize & slow down

Today I researched and taught the seat aids. It worked out pretty well, and I got some great feedback and ideas from a friend, so I thought I’d share! The Seat Aids Helpful Warmups Shoulder circles backward – tends to be tight – one at a time then together “growing taller in your spine” Lift … Continue reading

What to Teach – Riding Skills List

When I first started teaching, I had a hard time even knowing what to teach, much less how. Once I went through the PATH certification process and learned about goals, objectives, lesson planning, and progression it became easier to decide what to teach in each lesson. Something that also helped was listing out every possible skill I … Continue reading