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Barn Tour: Haku Baldwin Center

I have another barn tour to share with you! Unfortunately I had to go all the way to Hawaii for this one, so I hope you appreciate all my hard work basking in the sun and drinking pina coladas. Actually, it poured half the time, but I managed to slip away to visit a therapeutic … Continue reading

Barn Tour: Xenophon

In this post I’m going to share my visit to the program Xenophon in Orinda, CA! This is not a comprehensive description of their program, but rather I’ll share the things I found most interesting and inspiring. I met Lindsay, who works at Xenophon, at the PATH Intl Conference in San Diego about 4 years ago (we lunged … Continue reading

GallopNYC ASD Transition Job Skills Study

A reader from GallopNYC recently send me this phenomenal resource for an ASD Transition Job Skills program they did at their barn! Once of the documents explains: “GallopNYC is developing an innovative educational program for young adults on the autism spectrum. The goal of this program is to apply the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding to the … Continue reading