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Posture While Instructing Riding Lessons

We talk so much about our rider’s posture, but what about our own while we teach, standing the arena and moving in the barn day after day? I’ve been thinking a lot about how I stand and move while doing the same things day after day at home with kids, because when I don’t think … Continue reading

The Equicube

I recently stumbled across this teaching tool on the interwebs: The Equicube. It’s a tool that strengthens the rider’s core and helps them find correct posture and ride from their center.  This is it, as shown on their website: It seems to me the biggest benefits for riding instruction, both for TR and able bodied … Continue reading

The Purpose Behind Thumbs Up

I have been reading this brilliant book called Balance in Movement by Susanne Von Dietze (click here for the paperback or hardcover) in which she goes over in depth the biomechanics of rider posture in order to achieve balance while the horse is in movement. Up until reading her book, I always explained the purpose of “thumbs up” as: it … Continue reading

Hand Position and Stabilizing Exercise

Before you use this exercise, you may want to brush up on your hand position. I recommend this article: The Good Riding Hand And now, to help develop good hand posture and stable riding hands, the: Carry a Crop Exercise Have the rider hold a crop or stick across their hands like this: This picture … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Posture

I am reinstating Fun Video Friday. But now it’s going to be videos that are helpful for teaching. This week we go down the YouTube Bunny Trail of Posture with Erica Poseley and Wendy Manless. Enjoy! Find Your Unmoveable Frame to Become a Better Rider by Erica Poseley This is about posture, how riding and … Continue reading

Straddle the Horse

I love this… “we tend to think of being on a horse as “sitting” on a horse, when in reality, we actually straddle the horse. If you were straddling something, lets say a small ditch, you would instinctively use your legs to hold your pelvis and upper body directly above your feet, even if you … Continue reading

Tips & Quips: for Basic Riding Skills

Last year I took some lessons at Cross Winds Farms, a hunter/jumper barn, and learned some great tips & quips from some of their teachers that I want to share. Keep them in your back pocket for when you need them! One teacher would quiz me on the first few basics while walking around the … Continue reading