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6 Step Pattern

The last week of sessions has come and gone for us already and I forgot to make a holiday-themed activity! I think I made up for it though with a long pattern, enjoyable lessons, and that for client appreciation each rider got to give their horse a treat from a bucket after their lesson. (Some … Continue reading

Ground Pole Exercises

Here are four good ground pole exercises to help create a solid foundation in your riders. They are from the Certified Horsemanship Association’s Monthly EBlast from a year or so ago – click on the link to subscribe! The author was Jennifer Wiley a CHA Certified Master Instructor and Clinic Staff. I rewrote/simplified/clarified the exercises … Continue reading

Patterns 2.0 – for both horse and rider

This past weekend I went to the Midwest Horse Fair where I discovered Jec Ballou, one of the clinicians who focuses on horse fitness and classical training. Her perspective and exercises were so refreshing and very applicable to therapeutic riding, I believe. She wrote Equine Fitness and 101 Western Dressage Exercises, both of which I have and highly … Continue reading

Riding a straight line to 3 trot poles

Once my riders can trot 1 lap around the arena independently and switch directions across the diagonal, I find it’s time to come off the rail. Otherwise they get bored, they start to wander, so their horses start to wander, or their horses decide it’s a better idea to hang out with the instructor and … Continue reading