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When To Cancel Riding Lessons Due To Cold

It’s been wintery here lately, so it seems fitting to make a post about when to cancel riding lessons due to cold! It’s a topic that comes up every winter in the online forums, so I was excited to find a lot of responses and personal experiences from which to source the content of this … Continue reading

Time Management, Part 3: Lesson Timing

This is the last post in this series about time management. Part 1 was about Perspective, Part 2 was about tips & techniques to manage and schedule your time, and now Part 3 is about time management regarding planning and teaching your lessons. Hopefully these tips are helpful for instructors in training and  certified instructors alike. Time … Continue reading

Time Management, Part 2: Tips and Techniques

This is a short series of long posts about time management – because it seems every TR instructor I know says they’re so busy, and I have a hard time keeping things short! Part 1 was about Perspective, now Part 2 is about tips & techniques to manage and schedule your time. Note these are TIPS meant to … Continue reading

Time Management, Part 1: Perspective

Two years ago I was over scheduled and stressed out. I made a New Year’s resolution to improve my time management, and over the year learned quite a few helpful things that I would like to share with you, because I imagine most people in the therapeutic riding industry feel or have felt this way … Continue reading

How to Repair a Horse Blanket

We all know therapeutic horseback riding barns aren’t rolling in dough enough to buy new horse blankets every time the horses get into a squabble. Here are some tips for repairing horse blankets that have worked for me. This stems from today, when I repaired yet another hole in my own horse’s blanket in preparation … Continue reading

Equine Spa Currying Sessions

One of the best sessions I attended at the 2015 PATH Intl Conference was “Grooming for the Healthy Horse” by BJ Hartmann of Miracle Farm Rescue about incorporate equine acupressure and massage into grooming. She explained everything in a way that you or I or our volunteers could do at home. The best part is, it’s basically … Continue reading