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Trot down center line to Halt at X

This was a fun simple lesson I taught the other day, that I want to share with you, as well as a little breakthrough. This rider  is independent enough to get her horse ready and mount on her own, but consistently gets in the arena late and takes half the lesson to settle in to … Continue reading

Red Light Green Light Extreme

Here is a fun version of Red Light Green Light our volunteers created: obstacle course style! Setup: two obstacle courses down the quarter lines, using things like upright poles, knocked oer cones, barrels, etc. one “start” cone at the beginning of the course, one “end” cone at the end of the course (or if you … Continue reading

Halt Between the Poles Activity

Update: The comments are now working again! I finally figured it out. Please comment away! And if there were posts in the past few weeks you wanted to add to but couldn’t, please go back, as you should be able to now : ) I’m sorry for the inconvenience! This is a simple activity to progressively … Continue reading

Lesson Plan for Walk Halt Transitions

Lesson Plan for Walk Halt Transitions Set up 8 cones – 2 pairs of cones set up on each quarter line (so the rider will turn down the quarterline, halt between the cones, walk on, halt between the next cones, walk on – leave enough room for them to turn back on to the rail or … Continue reading