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Witch Hats Halloween Game

Here is a great game idea for Halloween that I’ve been saving but forgot to post! So here you go for next year… What can you do with witch hats? Collect them and drop them on cones! Put them on horses and helmets Drop rings on them Put them on upright poles Collect matching hats … Continue reading

Horse Skeleton Parts Puzzle

The other week I used this puzzle to show my students what a horse skeleton looks like and teach them some new parts. I think I made it for Halloween and never used it…so we’re doing it in the spring! Anyway, they always like the puzzles! Puzzle Game “Hide” the puzzle pieces around the arena. … Continue reading

Halloween Games

Better late than never, right? Here are some Halloween Games! The numbers in parenthesis coincide with the source the activity quotes or is inspired by. Note: before using any game in your lesson, make sure the horses are desensitized to all items used!  (source) GAMES Trick or treat – set up volunteers around the arena … Continue reading