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4 Ground/EAL Activities

I haven’t posted activities for Therapeutic Riding (TR) lessons in a while, and I’ve also received some inquiries about ground activities for Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) lately, so here are some new ideas! I found these in a huge stack of resources I photocopied from a friend a few years ago and am not sure … Continue reading

Teaching Techniques: Communication Strategies

We are nearing the end of the teaching techniques series based on handouts that I’ve given Instructor in Training. This post is on the basic communication strategies you can use for most riders. These notes are compiled from various workshops and seminars. I don’t think it’s comprehensive, but it’s helpful! Enjoy! Teaching Techniques: Communication Strategies Here … Continue reading

Language Delays Part 2 – Responsive Communication

Here are some great tips and teaching techniques for working with riders with language delays! These come from the book “Play to Talk” by  James MacDonald Ph.D. & Pam Stoika Ph.D. Their perspective focuses on the social communication skills side of language development and using responsive communication strategies to engage the child. These posts summarize the basic and most … Continue reading

Language Delays Part 1 – The Stages of Communication

Recently I have been reading the book “Play to Talk” by  James MacDonald Ph.D. & Pam Stoika Ph.D. about working with children with language delays. It is so good and a great compliment to what I’ve learned and posted about Speech Disabilities in Therapeutic Riding and Communication Techniques for Low/Nonverbal Riders. Their perspective focuses on the social communication skills side of … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Serpentine, Communication Game

Today I have 3 videos for you! First, a pattern. How to Ride a Serpentine She gives great explanations for why to ride this pattern. Second, a game. Communication Game Spoiler: It’s red light green light. Which you all know, I’m sure. BUT more interesting is how this video discusses communication, including one participant who … Continue reading

Communication Techniques for Low/Nonverbal Riders

One of my favorite seminars from the PATH Intl. 2014 Conference was “Dynamic Collaboration: Maximizing Communication During Therapeutic Riding,” given by Karyn Lewis Searcy, M.A. CCC-slp and Director of Crimson Center for Speech & Language, and Kaitlyn Siewert of R.E.I.N.S. Therapeutic Horsemanship Program. Their information was exactly what I’ve been needed to help me with many … Continue reading

The importance of waiting

Last week I attended the PATH Intl 2014 Conference in San Diego! Never been to a conference before + husband did his undergrad in San Diego = a good reason to go. On top of that, I met a bunch of great people, have lots of notes for future blog posts, and missed the midwest’s … Continue reading

Teaching tips: “First…then…”

This simple technique has helped me a lot. In any situation a rider doesn’t want to cooperate or is confused, explain “First [do this], then [do that].” Then stick to your guns. Repeat and be patient. For example, I have some young riders that get easily distracted or would rather collect beanie babies than practice … Continue reading

Teaching Tips: Using Words

I did part of my Instructor in Training hours under the a wonderful woman named Carrie who started HorsePower Therapeutic Riding. One of the things I learned from her are a few simple techniques that empower riders to use their words and/or communication skills to do things for themselves. I wanted to share with you some … Continue reading

Communication Tools & Strategies

Want to know the basics of communicating with your riders? In particular, those with verbal and non verbal learning disabilities, sensory and ASD issues? Well there is a GREAT powerpoint presentation called “Communication Tools & Strategies” by Susan Lutz that was presented at the Region 5 2012 conference. You can find the info in 2 … Continue reading