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Tips for the CTRI Maintenance Process & Test

Updated 5/2023 in blue. I just finished renewing my PATH Intl. CTRI certification and wanted to share some tips, in case you have to do it soon too (which I suspect you do, because a bunch of us transitioned 2 years ago)! If you are not PATH certified, you probably don’t need to read this … Continue reading

Overwhelmed with Instructor Training

Happy New Year! I haven’t posted lately because we’ve been so busy with traveling, but also because there’s so many things I want to post I don’t know where to start! However, the other day a reader emailed me asking for advice about feeling overwhelmed by the instructor training process of leaning to teach a … Continue reading

Note Sheet for Observing a Lesson

This is a follow up to the post “Watching a Therapeutic Riding Lesson“. In that post I described what to look for when you observe a lesson. Now I am giving you a hand out to use for taking notes. It is especially helpful for Instructors in Training as they learn what to look for … Continue reading

Teaching the Skill 2.0: What, How, Why, Where

Updated 7/9/2018: the following is focused on using What, How, Why, and Where to teach the Skill of your lesson – it’s a nice “additional info” post to the Teaching the Skill post. There is also the Teaching Techniques: Hows & Whys post about using those as a teaching technique throughout your lesson. It’s very similar, but this post … Continue reading

Teaching Your First Therapeutic Riding Lesson

This topic is for Instructors in Training who are preparing to teach their first Therapeutic Riding Lesson. My first lessons were chaos because I had no idea what I was doing, so I want to share some ideas with you to make your first experience a good one! While teaching your first lesson is a … Continue reading

Should I get Certified?

I’ve had several recent inquiries regarding whether or not to get certified, so I decided to share my thoughts. The questions came from people with tons of experience with horses, and teaching both able-bodied and disabled riders, who are wondering if they should get certified. Their concerns include: Is it legal to teach therapeutic riding … Continue reading

The Next Step: Advanced Instructor Certification

I attended an Advanced Instructor Preparatory Workshop this week at Heartland Therapeutic Riding by Sandy Webster and it’s been so inspiring and motivating! In all honesty, I never thought I’d be interested in (aka confident enough for) Advanced Level Certification, and certainly not so soon after getting the Registered Level Certification, but I got a grant to … Continue reading

Long Distance Mentoring and Certification

Want to become a PATH Intl Certified Instructor but don’t have any therapeutic riding barns nearby to get mentored, shadow, and do teaching hours at? It’s possible! (I just found out, or I would have told you sooner!) Some PATH Intl Mentors are available to do long distance mentoring over video, phone, etc.. To find someone … Continue reading