Horse Trivia Game

Here is a fun horse trivia game for you this week that Carrie Capes of HorsePowerTR in Illinois sent to me, created by her intern, Lilly Ludwig. Thank you so much for sharing, Carrie & Lilly!

Horse Trivia Game

This horse trivia game comes with an instruction/score sheet and 20 trivia questions each for 3 different levels/difficulties of questions.Ā There are so many ways you can play a game with trivia questions – the main way is that questions are worth points, if you answer it right you get the points, and the person with the most points wins! You can assign points to the different levels, such as 1 point for beginner questions, 2 points for intermediate, and 3 points for advanced. So, you can use all the trivia questions at the same time and let rider challenge themselves by choosing which question level they want, or you can pre-select the question level you think is most appropriate for the rider/s.

Instructions & Score Sheet

This first sheet has the instructions. You can laminate it and use it to keep score in the columns at the bottom (the riders’ names at the top of each column, and tally the points for each rider below). The instructions give a specific color for each level, so I imagine the questions being glued to paper of the color that matches their difficulty, but you can change this however you like.

Click here or on the image below for the PDF.

Trivia Cards

Here are the 3 levels of trivia questions with the links to the PDF below.


Beginner Trivia Questions PDF 1

Beginner Trivia Questions PDF 2

Beginner Trivia Questions PDF 3

Beginner Trivia Questions PDF 4


Intermediate Trivia Questions PDF 1

Intermediate Trivia Questions PDF 2

Intermediate Trivia Questions PDF 3

Intermediate Trivia Questions PDF 4


Advanced Trivia Questions PDF 1

Advanced Trivia Questions PDF 2

Advanced Trivia Questions PDF 3

Advanced Trivia Questions PDF 4

Some Ideas

Here are some more ideas I came up with about how you could play the game šŸ™‚

Use the Full Sheets

Print the PDF sheets and glue the full sheet of questions to a full sheet of colored paper that designates the level (beginner, etc.), and laminate them. Some ideas:

  • Put barrels around the arena. On each barrel put one sheet from each level. Riders ride to the barrels and choose which level to answer. Volunteers read the questions and if the rider answers correctly, they get another question, but if they get it wrong, they need to ride to another barrel. You can put obstacles between the barrels that the rider must ride over before visiting another barrel.
  • If you are doing an activity that requires waiting, have the sheets in a specific place that the volunteers can use to quiz the riders while they wait their turn. For example, while waiting their turn to ride the obstacle course the rider halts at a barrel or post that has the questions sheet on it that the volunteer* can then use, bu doesn’t have to carry around with them.
  • Use the sheets during classroom time at horse camp as a verbal trivia game. Divide the group into teams and whoever gets the most points wins extra treats for their horse.

Use the Individual Questions

Cut out each question and glue each one to its own strip of colored paper that matches the level (and I’d suggest laminating them so they last).

  • To indicate how many points each question is worth, you can leave it blank so you must remember which color is which level and points, or you can write the number of points each question is worth on the back, or you can put a number of stickers on the back for how much it is worth which would involve counting.
  • Put the trivia questions around the arena on barrels or in cups. The riders must go get a question and bring it back to you to answer it, so you can keep track of the points.Ā Or, have them answer the question with their volunteer*, who keeps track of points. You can add obstacles the riders must go over or around before getting their question. Or no obstacles but incorporate how to ride in arena traffic and not run into each other.
  • Same as above, but velcro the questions onto a piece of colored paper for its level, and you can even attach that to an upright pole. So each upright pole could have one sheet of paper with questions velcro’d to it, or 3 sheets of paper the same, one for each level (so the rider can choose which level). This incorporates more fine motor skills of pulling the question off the sheet of paper.
  • Create a game board with pockets or velcro for the questions (kind of like Jeopardy – you could even make categories like “horse genders” and “true or false”). Play this together in a group or make it one station in an obstacle course. The board could also be used for horse camps.

Other Ideas

  • Instead of playing trivia at a specific time, sprinkle the questions throughout the lesson during breaks and transitions. If you need to have your riders stand to rest or wait their turn, they can still be learning about horsemanship.
  • Have a volunteer play the game with the riders who get there early while they wait for their lesson.
  • Use it for a horse camp classroom activity.
  • Teach the topics (horse gender terms, parts of the horse, tack items, etc.) then use trivia to review.

The possibilities are endless!

*One important thing to note: when you use volunteers to do the questions it must be safe for their attention to be off the rider. So, if a rider needs two sidewalkers you have an extra volunteer who does the trivia, or if the rider only needs one sidewalker you give them two so one does the questions. Keep it safe!

Enjoy the game!

Please leave a comment below about how you used this activity, I would love to hear more ideas!


Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what you do with or how you use this information. The activities explained in this blog may not be fit for every rider, riding instructor, or riding center depending on their current condition and resources. Use your best personal judgement! If you would like to contribute an activity or article, pleaseĀ contact me here, I would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Horse Trivia Game

  1. This is a wonderful game! Thank you so much for sharing. I noticed, however, when going to print out the cards that Intermediate 1 and Advanced 4 are the same. Is there a missing page?

    • Hi Lynn, good catch, I had not noticed that! I checked and that is the way they were sent to me so perhaps there was a mistake, I will try to follow up on it. If you want to make your own questions you can convert the PDF to a Word Doc and change the questions – I would convert it for you myself but my Adobe program is currently expired so I can’t :/ I’m sorry I can’t be more help!

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