Podcasts: Learning while you drive (and ride!)

Is Spring here yet?

I recently came across this nice podcast, Daily Strides, which comes out weekly with a new topic about horseback riding and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. I was hooked by episode 1025, “Working Toward a Consistently Better Quality Trot”.

Daily Strides is a great resource for lesson planning because she gives a million “hows” for you to choose from! It is also a great option if you spend any time driving in the car – the segments are only 15 minutes long – and if you learn better by listening to people rather than reading. You could even listen to it while riding your horse as though taking a private riding lesson!

I personally use the phone app BeyondPod to download podcasts at home when I have wifi, then listen to them in the car. It’s an easy simple platform. But you can also listen to podcasts on the person’s website directly by live-streaming or downloading.

Are there any good horse podcasts you listen to that you’d recommend? Leave a comment below!


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2 thoughts on “Podcasts: Learning while you drive (and ride!)

  1. Thanks for the tip! I have a longer commute now and always looking for new Podcast and this will be a great addition. For whatever reason I never thought to search for Horse related ones?!!

  2. Horse Radio Network has over 10 different podcasts. I enjoy Horses In The Morning, Stable Scoop and Horse Tip Daily to name a few.

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