A Few Links – Veterans, Disability Etiquette, Posture Chart, Tack Cleaning, Perspective

Hi all! Sorry I’ve been delinquent in posting lately. With a toddler on the go, I don’t get much time to work on things, and when I do, it goes toward working on the blog book (affectionately dubbed “blook”) (it’s so close to being done!), leaving not much time for posting…however, in the interim there is a lot of fodder for you to revisit in the index! Until the next topical post, here are some interesting links for you that I’ve been bookmarking. Enjoy!

~ Have you seen this video simulation of a horse’s vision? Not sure how realistic it is, but it gives you a good feel for how much trust a horse must have in its rider!

~ This Veterans Town Hall a great (to me, revolutionary) idea by Sebastian Junger could greatly help veterans coming home. Veterans talk. The community listens. Often in the past when warriors came home, they were welcomed back and told their stories to the people who they fought for. Not so much anymore. Maybe reinstating a similar tradition would help veterans process and be welcomed back to their communities. The first one was held in 2015. Also there’s this video.

~ A nice reminder about Disability Etiquette. How polite are you?

~ Some encouragement for anyone around a person with autism. “You don’t need to be an expert [in anything], nor do anything heroic [or be a saint] to include someone. We just need to be there, close…”

~ Here is a great postural scale chart you can use in your initial evaluations and re-evaluations – literally, it’s called the G.R.E.A.T. Postural Scale, from Gainesville Riding through Equine Assisted Therapy. It’s on page 5 (labeled page 64).

~ How often does your center’s tack get cleaned? Here is a short explanation of what to use when.

~ Bad day? Here’s a little perspective.

Have a great week!


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