Radio Interview: A Struggle with PTSD

Today I heard a wonderful interview on NPR’s Fresh Air giving insight to PTSD and current treatments. They interview David Morris about his book “The Evil Hours” and experiences it is based on. He was a journalist embedded with troops in Iraq, and almost died when his Humvee ran over a roadside bomb. His book is about the history and science of PTSD. They discuss his experiences, treatments, and his book, mostly focusing on PTSD in veterans, but also discuss other causes. I would highly recommend that anyone working with veterans listen to it.

Click here to listen online to the author interview “In ‘The Evil Hours,’ A Journalist Shares His Struggle With PTSD” (35 min)


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2 thoughts on “Radio Interview: A Struggle with PTSD

  1. Interestingly enough, there is lots of discussion amongst parents of kids with special needs that they too experience a PTSD type syndrome from the constant stress and drain and recurrent behavioral flare-ups in the home. Divorce, depression, anxiety and even suicide rates are higher for sp needs parents.

    Carrie Capes

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